To help fund our loss making, chip chomping, cider swilling, ASBO adoring, Manics loving, Brown battling, scene stealing, Hope hyping, royalty rollicking fanzine, we also have produced the following cheap'n'nasties for sale

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Please allow 14 days for delivery and contact us here if you have any issues with our glorious messy merch

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New Glossy Manics A3 posters
New MSP and IDLES Badge designs
on Bandcamp here


Manics Slogans Badges

Rediscovered badge stash

We have discovered a stash of Manic Street Preachers inspired slogan badges, some of which are shown above. These are available very cheaply at gigs - high postage costs means that the best deal I can think of is £3 for 5 random slogan designs, including UK p and P. You can pay by Paypal here. NB some designs are in very short supply so we can't guarantee which ones you'll get, sorry!


Manic Street Preachers
Exclusive 4 postcard set
featuring original shots from 1992 - 1996
by Phil Rose Esq and Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T
£2.50 inclusive - last few sets!




Random selection of badges

It is a well known fact that R*E*P*E*A*T has long been in the forefront of international badge(r) production, having produced 245,642 badges over the past 25 years. While we give them out almost for free at gigs, posting is expensive. We'll do you a bundle of 5 for £3 including UK postage,




Mugs and bags

More info below...





The badge box full of all sorts of goodies recently
Dumb Flag Scum Badge
20p from gigs
£1* with 2 other random R*E*P*E*A*T badges in the post by Paypal

* high costs due to Paypal and postage charges




Very Limited Nicky Wire / JDB Posters
Nicky Wire posters sold out, a few JDB ones remain

In honour of our showing of No Manifesto we produced some A3 glossy reprints of these posters. Both feature original and exclusive shots by members of the R*E*P*E*A*T team, spanning the decades from Reasing Festival 1992 to Brixton Academy 2014. The few remaining copies are now available here @ £2 each including UK postage, folded once in an A4 envelope (please enquire about excessive costs of posting ina poster roll). Overseas postage rates listed on the dropdown menu below.



Only a few of each design left so hurry hurry hurry, everything must go!

Mugs, magnets and bags

Love Music Hate Racism bags, mugs and fridge magnets.
Mugs feature either LMHR logo on both sides or R*E*P*E*A*T star in red or black on the reverse, and cost £5.
Bags (£5) have LMHR logo printed one side on canvas while the fridge magnets (£1.50) have a metallic look and LMHR logo.

All profits go back into our campaigns
Order here or mail us for more info

(Fridge not included)












New badges!

We have printed a new supply of our ever popular anti racist badges, and we have a few of the old designs left as well (see below).
These are available cheap from our stalls (check here to see when our next one is) or 5 for £3.50 inc UK postage by paypal here. All proceeds to anti racist campaigns in Cambridge.

5 badges



Badges against the Classes

Over the years R*E*P*E*A*T must have produced over 20,000 badge(r)s, all in very sexy small size. Many of these have been slogans inspired by The Manic Street Preachers, black text on red background. To help clear an odd backlog of MSP slogans we're offering a randopm selection of 5 for £3.00 inc UK postage - slogans we have produced over the years, many of which we still have knocking around, include
Stay Beautiful / Destroy Work /Fight the Power / Kick Over the Statues / Mummy What's a Sex Pistol / Plague Lover /Destroy the Dancefloor* / Generation Terrorist / Culture Slut / Bomb The Past / Be Realistic - Demand the Impossible / Riot Star / Fuck Queen and Country / Bored of Being Bored/ A Mess Of Eyeliner and Spraypaint / Kill Your Idols Masses Against the Classes /All We Love Is Lonely Wreckage
and maybe more.


* Obscure early track obsessive fan alert!

Special Offer!

8 badges (at least 5 of which being MSP slogans) and postcard set for £5




You Love Us!

Only one left!
In a mad fit of mid life cleaning, I recently discovered a very limited stock of James Dean Bradfield posters. These are glossy A2 posters, professionally printed and featuring an original shot of James taken at Reading Festival 1992 by Phil Rose Esq. I am selling these off for £2.50 each (including UK postage), mailed in an A4 envelope (I will carefully fold the poster twice); if you want it posting in a proper poster tube I am afraid it will cost £8.50 due to stupidly high costs from the privatised Royal Mail, and you will have to wait for me to buy the tube!

Very few left - please check availability before ordering


Pay by Paypal or cheque (to 'R Rose' please) to 35 Aylesborough Close, Cambridge CB4 1HH. Thanks.

These are lovely posters and I was so glad to find a few more - once this lot run out I am afraid that will be the end of them!

Jubilee Jubilations

These rather wonderful badges make fantatsic keepsakes of a very special Royal occassion. Exclusive to R*E*P*E*A*T, they cost just £1 inclusive by paypal or cheque / well secured cash to the usual address.



Have your favourite R*E*P*E*A*T release made into a clock. Any vinyl of CD in stock will be transformed by the R*E*P*E*A*T elves into a working clock with stand. Cost £5 inclusive - mail us here to say which releases you want and please check availability before ordering


Here's some we made earlier...

Johnny Panic picture disk

Burn Cambridge Burn

Cambridge City All Stars

Virgin Suicides
(Manics not included)



Johnny Panic
'Ritual Riots'

To celebrate the release of this rather fantastic album by the best undiscovered band in the world, we have produced a very limited number of glossy A3 posters. These can be yours for the silly price of £1 including postage (£1.50 if you're overseas), folded carefully once in an A4 envelope - if you want it packed in a proper poster tube, mail us here so we can get you a price.

Pay by Paypal here



Celebrate the Royal Wedding in Style
This 3 badge set of instant nostalgia can be yours for just 50p and sae to the usual address, or for £1 from paypal using the link below. Happy and glorious eh?


20p each, 50p for 3 - SAE essential!
Many designs have now sold out so please list alternatives...
New Designs
Plague Lover, Mummy What's A Sex Pistol?, R*E*P*E*A*T logo, Stay Beautiful, Destroy Work, Love Music Hate Racism, Swastika in the Bin, many more...

To order a random selection of 3 badges for £1.00 inc click below


New Designs
Star and crossbones T Shirts
please check availability before ordering
Due to demand for R*E*P*E*A*T T shirts, we have reprinted them, with one slight change - rumours that this was to keep the first lot rare, just like the original pressing of New Art Riot, could not be confirmed at the time of writing!

These shirts are available in red on black or black on red, and in S,M,L and XL sizes. They cost £5 each, inclusive. You can send cash or cheques to the address above, or buy by Paypal by clicking the link below - if doing this please also mail us here saying what colour and size you want. Thanks


R*E*P*E*A*T Logo bass ball caps...

Never feel left behind in the fashion stakes by your Chavvy friends again. With these Beechfield base ball caps you'll feel a million dollars and possibly look like a shiny 50p. The caps are black with red logo, and have an adjustable velcro strap so that one size fits all. £6.50 each, inclusive...

R*E*P*E*A*T Designer label...

What all the well dressed pop-punk rebel kids are wearing this summer - it's the label that says 'don't label me...'

designer don't label me

Old design S*T*A*R Design T Shirts
only a few left, please e-mail here for availability of sizes and colours.

We have T shirts with the R*E*P*E*A*T star on them printed on Fruit of the Loom T shirts available in the colours below, as well as with red prints on black shirts. Sizes range from large right through to extra large(!) - sorry not much choice of colours and no smalls or mediums left!


Mail us here giving your choice of colour and size (there's too many combinations for me to make paypal buttons for them all!)

Shirts cost £6 each inclusive; send cheques (to R Rose) to 35 Aylesborough Close, Cambridge CB4 1HH or click on the paypal link above - but remember to include details of what colour and size you want. Thanks!


New badge designs - do you dare wear one?

Free at gigs, 20p and sae by post. If you're hard enough...

Click on the image above to read about the Miss Black America stuff we have available.


Virgin Suicides T- Shirt - Very few left!!
Be the envy of your funky scenemonger friends with these quality VS t shirts. With back and front images from the ep, these limited edition shirts are available in skinny, medium, large and extra large. £6 each inclusive.Click here for more details.


20p each, 50p for 3 - SAE essential!
Many designs have now sold out so please list alternatives...
Judge Yr'self, Stay beautiful, Miss Black America, We're Doomed - Let's Fuck (MBA), , Virgin Suicides

Assorted Colours : Manic Street Preachers are #1 / Alcopop / Pretty / Panic! /Refugees are not Criminals / Cambridge Two Are Innocent / R*E*P*E*A*T Logo with gun / R*E*P*E*A*T Records new logo

Old Stock, please state alternatives
Slogans : black on red or white : Destroy Work / Generation Terrorist / Culture Slut / Bomb The Past / Be Realistic - Demand the Impossible / Riot Star / Fuck Queen and Country / Bored of Being Bored,Fuck The Jubilee / A Mess Of Eyeliner and Spraypaint / Kill Your Idols /Stay Beautiful / Fight The Power / Masses Against the Classes /All We Love Is Lonely Wreckage.
Also R*E*P*E*A*T Logo - including chips and buns! R*E*P*E*A*T Records old Logo, Foxy Ramone, McScum, Saffs, Swansea Til I Die, Nice One Cyril,Various day glo colours - A brimful of badge(r)s...

Manic Badges : we have a set of 4 badges featuring cartoon images of the four members of the band.

Just write in and give us a vague description of what you want and we'll attempt to send you a bushell of something that approximately fits what you requested. To order a random selection of 5 badges for £1.00 inc click below

Manic Sheep Preachers - sold out!

Mad sheep moo!
We have a very limited stock of Manic Sheep Preachers i.e. toy sheep done up like Nicky (Nicky Wire Wool), Sean (Shorn Moore) and James (James Dean Sheep-Field). These cost £2 each inclusive, £5 for the trio.
Please give alternatives.
STOP PRESS : We now also have Manic Sheep Preacher key rings, same prices as above and equally imited and desirable!}

Buy 3 for £5 inc by clicking below



A set of 4 beautiful black and white postcards all produced from exclusive, original photographs by The Rose bros. £1.20 & sae for the set - very few left!!


please check availability before ordering

An exclusive A2 black and white poster based on
Phil Rose Esq's photo of JDB which featured on the front of iss. 11. £2.50 inc.


please check availability before ordering!
Based on the same design as the poster, this is another limited edition T shirt available in large and extra large sizes for £6 sterling inclusive.

All cheques & P.O.s to "R. Rose". Remember to include your address. Ours is 35 Aylesborough Close, Cambridge CB4 1HH

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