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Dec 2019 - New bags, mugs and badges
Help support us and our sister campaigns by buying some of our incredibly desirable and rather rare merch. It is all available even cheaper, minus paypal and postage charges, at our meetings and on stalls in town, at gigs and outside matches.

Paying online by Paypal is safe and easy, you don't even need to have an account.

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New bags

Canvas tote bag with unique bilingual Swansea Love Music Hate Racism logo printed on one side; £5 plus £1 UK postage.

Love Music Hate Racism Mugs

The seasonal gift for the anti Fascist with everything:
Swansea Love Music Hate Racism bags and mugs, now in two designs, the diamond design (top) and arrow design-
NB diamond design currently sold out!


Mugs feature the Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) logo in Welsh on one side and English on the other.They cost £5 plus £2.90 for secure UK postage in a box.

A Brimful of Badges...

Swansea anti racists are in the forefront of international anti Nazi badge production, and, as you'll see, we have some iconic local designs including the local Stand Up to Racism logo, Swansea Love Music Hate Racism, an updated Rock Against Racism badge, Jacks Against Racism and Fascism and the ever popular (if sometimes contentious!) 'Keep Britain Tidy'. Postage costs are stupidly high for badges (they count as 'large letters') so the best way to buy is 5 (including one large one if desired) for £3, including UK postage. Please let us know when ordering if you want any particular designs.

Love Music Hate Racism Tote Bags

Our bags (£5 plus £1 postage) have the LMHR logo printed on one side on canvas in either English or Welsh (use the drop down menu on the button to chose language).


Make Racism Wrong Again Caps

Don't let Trump have the monopoly of mad hair hiding head wear. Show your opposition to bigotry with these quality caps, £9 plus £1 postage.


More merch coming soon...

All profits go back into our campaigns, can you afford to make a donation?
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Please remember that we are a small organisation run from the donations of supporting organisations and individuals so we don't have massive stocks of merch, all are limited.
Thank you for your support.