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R*E*P*E*A*T has acquired small quantities of the following Miss Black America CDs and one very rare Japanese vinyl which we can sell to you at the bargain prices quoted below.

Please send orders to 35 Aylesborough Close, Cambridge CB4 1HH - cheques payable to R.Rose.

All prices include postage.

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God Bless Miss Black America Japanese Vinyl version
£5 + £2 P&P
 Sold out - looking for new stock
Drowning By Numbers / Reborn / All I Want Is Out (Ruby Slippers Records)
God Bless Miss Black America - The Debut 11 track album CD
Miss Black America / Dogma / Look Ma! Top Of The World very limited vinyl
Infinite Chinese Box / Pub Rock Coma / Scarface very limited vinyl
Miss Black America / Look, Ma! Top of the World! / Dogma CD
Infinite Chinese Box / Pub Rock Coma / Scarface CD    
Talk Hard / 5x5 / I Am Not A Virgin CD


Miss Black America Poster A3 Glossy Poster!

Continuing in our role of unofficial patron saint of Miss Black America, R*E*P*E*A*T has produced copies of the poster shown below, click to find out more.