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Cambridge Stand Up to Racism
May /June Newsletter

For more info on any of these events contact us here or here!

Cambridge Stand Up to Racism Newsletter
Mid May 2018

1. Standing up to Trump
As people probably know, racist war monger Donald Trump is now set to visit Britain on July 13th. A national demonstration has been called for that day, with local demos in the build up.

Cambridge Stand Up to Racism are working with Stop the War Coalition and are planning transport to the national demo on that day (link for tickets available soon). We are also calling a local demo on the evening before, Thursday 12th July from 5.30 in Kings Parade.

Details of course may change, so please follow the event page below and watch this space.

Want to get involved in opposing Trump? Open Activists Meeting, June 5th
We have called an Open Activists meeting for everyone wanting to get involved where details can be agreed, and ideas / strategies shared.
Tuesday June 5th 7.30 Alex Wood Hall, Norfolk Street, CB1 2LD, all welcome!

2. Summer stalls – help appreciated at any of these events, let us know if you're interested!
I . Strawberry Fair – June 2nd, people needed for our Stand Up to Racism stall and to steward at The Love Music Hate Racism stage, please, contact
ii. June 8th – we've been invited to March Carnival, mail back for more info.
iii. The Big Day Out – July 15th – a family fun day in central Cambridge, please contact Martin B if you'd like to help at this.
iv. Subterranean 2 Sept 15th (all day rock / indie festival at Cambridge Corn Exchange featuring bigger names alongside local acts) contact if you'd like to help run a Love Music Hate Racism stall.
v. Freshers Fairs 2018, October 2018

3. Opposing the racist Football Lads Alliance (FLA) – Manchester May 19th
The 'Democratic' Football Lads Alliance demo in London 2 weeks ago revealed the racist face of this organisation, as they openly allied themselves with Tommy Robinson. It's vital we oppose the FLA and their poisonous Islamaphobia. We have plans for more actions to counter them here in Cambridge; there's a useful article on the FLA here

Love Music Hate Racism

Skanking for Refugees
Some quality ska punk to skank to, with profits being split between refugees in Calais and the Love Music Hate Racism stage at Strawberry Fair.
Saturday May 19th at The Portland, tickets £5 in advance £6 on the door, please share the FB event and let us know if you'd like some fliers:

There is also a Young Performers Gig earlier in the day

Strawberry Fair – June 2nd
We have a (mostly) Young Performers Stage and small campaigning area at Strawberry Fair, still Europe’s largest free one day festival. The bill is now full; however we'd love help with stewarding, stalls, setting up the stage and tent etc. Please get in touch if you want to be involved.

Next organising Meeting
Building Together Against Trump, Tuesday June 5th 7.30pm, Alex Wood Hall, Norfolk Street

No to Holocaust denial, No to anti Semitism!

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Want to get involved? – come to our next organising meeting

We hold regular stalls and leafleting sessions – all help appreciated!


Cambridge Stand Up to Racism In the news

Our day of solidarity with the Muslim Community

Reaction to Nazi posters in Cambridge

Report on our Stand Up to Trump demo

Read how the press reported our response to recent racist incidents here

These stories show that we can turn the tide on racism, all it takes is for united action.

We hope you can join us and to see many of you at our public meeting on October 24th.



Unite Against Fascism Response to
Blood and Honour Gig in Haddenham

Cambridge Unite Against Fascism is appalled to hear of the Blood and Honour Gig secretly held in Haddenham 2 weeks ago. Cambridgeshire is a diverse, welcoming county and this type of Hitler worshipping seig heiling neo Nazism is definitely not wanted here, particularly in the months after the horrific murder of MP Jo Cox. It is a testament to the effectiveness of the anti Fascist movement that such gigs have to be organised secretly, and we do question the role of the police in allowing this event to go ahead.

After the gig it became apparent that a few of the attendees were drinking in Ely, Unite Against Fascism and Stand Up to Racism activists immediately visited the pubs in the area to ensure that the Nazis had departed, and worked with local anti racists in distributing 'Refugees Are Welcome Here' postcards. These were well received by local people, shops and pubs.

It is worth remembering that this event was an international gathering – due to the continued vigilance of Unite Against Fascism and other anti Fascists seeing off the EDL and BNP, Neo Nazism is not currently a big threat in Cambridgeshire or in Britain as a whole. We are keen for people to understand that currently the main racist threat in Britain comes not from tiny gangs of geriatric racist numbskulls but from the anti migrant and refugees narrative being pushed by many in the establishment. This is why Stand Up to Racism's public meeting on October 24th at Anglia Ruskin University is called 'After Brexit : Why We Say Migrants Are Welcome Here'.

In contrast to the skulking secrecy of the Nazis, all Love Music Hate Racism gigs are advertised widely and open to all anti racists. Our next event in Cambridge is on 19th November at the Portland Arms and is entitled 'Skanking for Refugees 2' featuring Inter-City Crazy Train, The Dirty Stop Outs and Beverley Kills (tbc). All monies raised will be going to refugees and Love Music Hate Racism.



Love Music Hate Racism gig:




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We run stalls, leafleting sessions, gigs, regular organising meetings and more.

Please let us know if you can help at any of these, or if you'd like more info:


The debate around the EU referendum has unleashed a stream of racism and far right nationalism. This toxic discussion on immigration has turned the clock back on race relations in Britain, and cost a Labour MP her life.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage recently stood proudly in front of a poster chillingly reminiscent of Nazi propaganda depicting long queues of refugees heading for Europe. Earlier, he stated that violence would be the ‘next step’ when people felt that nothing could be done about immigration through democratic means.

The decimation of living standards through government austerity has meant immigrants have been wrongly scapegoated. In some places, this has lead to an increase in physical and verbal attacks.

Mainstream politicians must resist conceding to racist arguments on immigration, as this will only strengthen racism. Study after study shows the enormous economic benefits of immigration, as well as the social and cultural benefits.

Now the referendum is over, we anti racists must unite. We know that most people in Britain oppose racism. Over the last few years we have seen some of the biggest demonstrations for decades against racism and in favour of welcoming refugees and migrants. We must redouble our efforts to make sure the climate created by the referendum is not used by the racists and the far right. As Jo Cox said, we have far more in common than we have dividing us. It's time to stand up to racism, to recognise that generations of immigrants have enriched Britain, to address the problems austerity has created and to oppose all forms of bigotry and hatred.

Can you join us?

Cambridge says Refugees Are Welcome Here!

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Regular Organising Meetings
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