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Please do not order anything on Friday 29th November in solidarity with National Buy Nothing Day in the good old US of Stateside. Thank you.

To help fund our loss making chip chomping cider swilling Manics loving Blair baiting scene stealing Hammers hyping royalty rollicking fanzine, we also have produced the following cheap'n'nasties for sale

Click on the image above to read about the Miss Black America stuff we have available.


New Virgin Suicides T- Shirt - Just In!!
Be the envy of your funky scenemonger friends with these quality VS t shirts. With back and front images from the ep, these limited edition shirts are available in skinny, medium, large and extra large. £6 each inclusive.Click for more details. Click on the image above to read about the Miss Black America stuff we have available

20p each, 50p for 3 - SAE essential!
Many designs have now sold out so please list alternatives...
Judge Yr'self, Stay beautiful, Miss Black America, We're Doomed - Let's Fuck (MBA), Cultural Ice Age hammer and sickle, Virgin Suicides (3 designs)

Assorted Colours : Manic Street Preachers are #1 / Alcopop / Pretty / Panic! /Refugees are not Criminals / Cambridge Two Are Innocent / R*E*P*E*A*T Logo with gun / R*E*P*E*A*T Records new logo

Old Stock, please state alternatives
Slogans : black on red or white : Destroy Work / Generation Terrorist / Culture Slut / Bomb The Past / Be Realistic - Demand the Impossible / Riot Star / Fuck Queen and Country / Bored of Being Bored,Fuck The Jubilee / A Mess Of Eyeliner and Spraypaint / Kill Your Idols /Stay Beautiful / Fight The Power / Masses Against the Classes /All We Love Is Lonely Wreckage.
Also R*E*P*E*A*T Logo - including chips and buns! R*E*P*E*A*T Records old Logo, Foxy Ramone, McScum, Saffs, Swansea Til I Die, Nice One Cyril,Various day glo colours - A brimful of badge(r)s...

Manic Badges{bold} : we have a set of 4 badges featuring cartoon images of the four members of the band.

Just write in and give us a vague description of what you want and we'll attempt to send you a bushell of something that approximately fits what you requested.

Manic Sheep Preachers!
We have a very limited stock of Manic Sheep Preachers i.e. toy sheep done up like Nicky (Nicky Wire Wool), Sean (Shorn Moore) and James (James Dean Sheep-Field). These cost £2 each inclusive, £5 for the trio.
Please give alternatives.
STOP PRESS : We now also have Manic Sheep Preacher key rings, same prices as above and equally imited and desirable!}

A set of 4 beautiful black and white postcards all produced from exclusive, original photographs by The Rose bros. £1.20 & sae for the set - very few left!!


An exclusive A2 black and white poster based on
Phil Rose Esq's photo of JDB which featured on the front of iss. 11. £2.50 inc.

Based on the same design as the poster, this is another limited edition T shirt available in large and extra large sizes for £6 sterling inclusive.


All cheques & P.O.s to "R. Rose". Remember to include your address. Ours is PO Box 438, Cambridge, CB4 1FX