Ten City Nation

At the Still Point

(Sturm Und Drang Recordings)

Featuring aggressive and uncompromising grunge from the former members of Miss Black America, Ten City Nation are picking up the pace with this, a relentless journey through thundering alternative rock.

From the opening track ‘Flashing Lights’ onwards, guitars collide with explosive results as the vocals hum with a gentle intensity.

This is the second album from the London noisemakers and it takes a step up from their previous grunge past. There are still hints of
early Nirvana, but now they’ve also taken on the sheer rock power of Queens of the Stone Age.

They’ve slowed things down on ‘JL Give It Up’ to prove that sometimes less is more, but the lull doesn’t last for long: after the gentle guitar lines breeze through the verse, it suddenly erupts into an enormously explosive alt-rock gem. Ten City Nation could be on to something here.

Lee Puddefoot, Artrocker

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