My Weena – Bowling For Soup

Now I used to be quite partial to Bowling For Soup. Hell, back six or seven years ago I saw them a couple of times live when they were touring their second album “Too Drunk to Dance”, and they struck me as funny and entertaining in an immature type of way.

But good god, they don’t seemed to have progressed one iota, in fact they appear to be the punk equivalent of that film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” as they appear to be regressing into pre-pubescent teenagers. How else can you explain practically middle-aged men writing and performing a song called “My Weena”, complete with a cover showing them wackily horsing around with a girl dressed as a…..well…weena? Really why didn’t they go the whole hog and call it “My Cock”, but then they might be actually showing some real bollocks (no pun intended.)

I might be inclined to let them get away with it if the lyrics were actually a clever take on Freudian psychoanalysis or a subtle tirade against the sexual repression of women (a la Crass’ LP “Penis Envy). But what you actually get is more like the sniggering thoughts of a 13 year old boy that has just discovered masturbation. I bet Lennon and McCartney wish they could have written such gems as:

She sticks her head up
When i'm checking out the ladies

She's only happy when i'm holding her tight
Oh, my wena
Take a look at my wena

Her skin is so soft
I can't keep my hands off
Ever since the day i found her

And she'll make your heart beat faster
With the wink of an eye

It’s difficult to see where they envisage their careers going with material like this, and there surely must be a law of diminishing returns when continuing to base their career on “comical” releases. As the Good Lord Morrissey once said “That joke isn’t funny anymore”.

Bowling For Soup…Grow up boys !!!!