Cardiff The Globe
22 March

Goldie Lookin Chain have been conspicuous by their absence from the music scene for nearly four years. However having overcome being dropped by their record label and upsetting Victoria Beckham (they dedicated "You Missus is a Nutter" to David Beckham when performing prior to the England v Wales World Cup qualifier), they have re-merged with a new single, album and 25 date UK tour.

Now I've got to come clean here and state that my record collection contains absolutely nothing by the GLC, so it was with a modicum of trepidation that I entered the newly opened Globe to see the 'Port's finest. The venue was rammed, with more than a few punters having entered into the spirit by coming dressed in typical ASBO/GLC garb. Indeed the fact that several people sported headbands gave the dance floor a surreal quality of a 118 118 look-a-like convention. The Globe used to be a cinema and has been redecorated in a rather fetchingly mock Egyptian tomb decor, but the fact that it still retains its mezzanine floor affords mostly all of the large crowd a good view of the stage. I had just managed to get a drink when the house lights dimmed and to the intro of "Half Man, Half Machine" the stage was filled with the 18 legged rap machine that is GLC.

There appeared to be some kind of role reversal going on, as whilst the crowd stood attentively static, the stage was a mass of swirling bodies, looking like an explosion in an Adidas factory. Each member of the ensemble came to the front of the stage for a brief moment in the limelight, and then melted back into the seething mass of Welsh chavness. Not unsurprisingly the early numbers largely came from the new album "Asbo4life" , although all stuck to the tried and tested GLC sound and were rapturously received by the audience. Stand out track is the new single " By Any Means Necessary" which seemed to have a punkier edge, rather similar to early Blaggers ITA or even the Prodigy, and with a monstrous shout-along chorus. Each number is preceded by inter group banter and the overall feel of the evening was of a band enjoying playing live again and having a good time, with even the GLC male voice choir making an appearance for their tribute to the last World Cup "Welcome to Germany" .

TV celebrity Maggot got a chance to shine with the eponymous track "The Maggot". however most numbers are fronted by either Eggsy or Adam Hussain. The latter producing one of the most catchy/annoying songs with "Charmschool" which is a rap done entirely over a looped tape of the Grange Hill themed tune. As the gig wore on the inevitable show stoppers arrived with "Guns don't kill people, Rappers do", being quickly followed by "Soap Bar" and Posh Spice's favourite "Your Missus is a Nutter".

Finally, and perhaps because this was after all Mothering Sunday, they closed out the night with "Your Mothers got a Penis", in which they invited the audience up on stage to the bemusement of the bouncers. Having completed their work they exited stage right, sweaty but unbowed, and look to be truly back to their best.

So if you're mulling over the idea of spending your hard earned cash on a ticket to see GLC when they are next in your manor, but are wondering what are the chances of having a good time, take it from me its as "Safe as F*ck, you knows it" !

Words : Bones; Pix - Steve B (more here)