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Tea Party Tunes
Some tracks shared and enjoyed at the first 2 R*E*P*E*A*T Lockdown Tea Parties




DTT Tuck Foby
Fast becoming an essential fixture at R*E*P*E*A*T gatherings, Tuck Foby epitomizes what is so appealing about DTT: fast, furious, catchy, with a wicked sense of fun.

S*M*A*S*H - Art Therapy
Victim of our first ever live online interview, Ed's choice of this track was a big hit with viewers. From the third S*M*A*S*H album,it has its own equally arresting video made by Adam Foley.


Bandicoot - O Nefoedd
Swansea's bilingual Psychedelic indie artsters and noise wizards show why they look set to take Heaven by storm, just as soon as we're all allowed out to play again. Cancelled gigs has hit the funding of their album - please support them here

bis - Kill Yr Boyfriend
At our second tea party, we were joined by Dee who in 1995 gave up her well paid respectable IT job to work for bis for a tenner a day, to write her zine 'All About Dee' and to be regularly mistaken for a mum of one of the band. She now babysits their kids while they continue to make killer electro kandy pop.

Puul - Benefit Blues
A Reading based band with heavy roots in post punk, ambient and jazz, introduced to the party by the presence of long term friend of R*E*P*E*A*T, their cousin Ewan.

Shock Horror - Your Middle Finger Won't Save Rock'n'Roll
A Bristol based art rock indie band infused with a DIY spirit, involving R*E*P*E*A*T's own design wizard Dom Waters. Their enormous sound reminds us that the outside does still exists, and that hopefully we will return there. One day.

Al Moses - He Truly is the Son Of God
'This song’s about a generation who’ve watched the last rock stars die or grow old and bitter, so we’re left worshiping those grass roots heroes who play the local venues every weekend.'
An ecstatic 3 minutes of punky energy, adrenaline and excitement, Al Moses show us why they hope to be the band we've all been waiting for. Waiting for them to return messages, in my case...

The Clash - Safe European Homes
At our second tea party we were joined by Combat Tim, author of the definitive book on 'Give 'Em Enough Rope', the unjustly overlooked second album by The Clash. A track getting more relevant than the day.

Craggy Collyde - Sorry Now
Craggy Collyde haven't actually been to or been played at one of our tea parties (yet) but they got in touch after our S*M*A*S*H broadcast. And I'm glad they did. They're an English / Slovak band, formed in the Czech Republic a couple of years ago. Big choruses, strong song writing, emotive melodies and lyrics.

B.U.H. - No More Lines
Dual male/female vocals over 80's hardcore-inspired riffs and ridiculous lyrical content with added blast beats. Exciting. All the way from Bury St Edmunds 'Rock City', and Australia.

The Keep Cats - Far Too Long

As raved about by Ed Borrie and Sid Abuse, Reading's Keep Cats are a young band that look like kicking over the statues. Energy, animation, stage presence and powerful songs - I chose this one as it really has already been far too long...

Clwb Fuzz - No Heaven
Arresting mix of gothic shoegaze, psyche and garage punk,this track boasts a simmering sinister hook and a brooding malevolence which swipes you when you least expect it. The track was brought to the party by Bandicoot's Kieran; along with Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard and Al Moses, these two complete a quartet of original and ear catching South Wales acts that prove there is new life in the old valleys.

Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T

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Circles Around The Sun - In the Company of Wolves
This immense prog metal masterpiece was chosen by Kaz at Creature Sound but isn't on Spotify, so enjoy the visuals here too...

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