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R*E*P*E*A*T Presents at Tangled Parrot Records, Swansea High STreet
Grey-FLX, Lacross Club and Pale Green House

Join us for a crushed night of manic new music. Likely to sell out in advance.

"Just when you think new 'young' music is dying on it's feet something comes along that just knocks you sideways" - Welsh Connections
Fresh from their triumph at The Arena, Logan and the gang bring their magic to SA1 in a rather smaller setting.

Lacross Club
Energy, joy, melody, adrenaline and ear grabbing songs - no wonder Lacross Clubv have been turning heads across Wales and selling out venues across Swansea.

Pale Green House
Debut R*E*P*E*A*T gig from this alternative rock/shoegaze band to mark their debut album Pathogen

Lovely Ugly / Pretty Shitty launch parties

Join us to celebrate the release of our 15 track vinyl compilation album featuring new and exclusive tracks from Swansea's most exciting undergrond guitar bands, plus a few local indie legends:

Saturday June 1st at Tangled Parrot, Swansea High Street, 7:30pm, £4

Monet, Angharad and Baby Schillaci

Saturday June 22nd at Elysium, Swansea High Street, £5

Kikker, Grey-FLX (tbc), Monet, Rainyday Rainbow, Soundwire, Tom Emlyn, Dead Noize
plus DJs
Hue (Swansea Sound / The Pooh Sticks),
Catrin (The Loves) & Peter Stone (The Sweetest Ache)

Limited tickets for both gigs £7 here


30 Years of Fighting the Power

Gigs, exhibition, chips and buns...

2024 in Swansea and Cambridge...

Cambridge Portland Arms July 27th info here

Swansea Elysium August 3rd / n nodi 30 mlynedd o R*E*P*E*A*T - Sioe Abertawe
info here

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