R*E*P*E*A*T Play List
Curated by Phil Rose Esq
Photographer, graphic designer and writer from the S*T*A*R*T
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High Contrast- Shotgun Mouthwash

"It's the beginning of the end so you might as well set fire to your friends".

Discovered by me (possibly it had been discovered by someone before) in the Trainspotting 2 soundtrack, this track fulfills all my criteria for a good song. Loud, shouty, deliriously hyperbolic and with an aggressive and poorly thought out set of hooks that provide in bombast what the modern world fails to deliver in sense.

The video is one of the best and most unpleasant I have seen too.


Guns'N'Roses-It's So Easy

An oldie but a goodie. Without GnR there’d be no Manic Street Preachers (maybe).

Morrissey- All You Need is Me

"You roll your eyes

Up to the skies

Mock horrified

But you're still here

All you need is me

There's so much destruction

All over the world

And all you can do is complain about me"

I love Morrissey because fuck you is why.

Yellowman- Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt.

“He said he want me to join the army

I ain't gonna do it, officer. “

I once read a line online which went something along the lines of "Grand Theft Auto-forcing people to discover great new music since 1997" (or whatever year it was) and there's truth to that. This is a gem I discovered while speeding around the Alamos Sea and listening to Blue Ark, the excellent reggae station on the in car radio. When one lives in an army loving country like I do a lyric like this makes you feel one hundred times better...

R.E.M.- Ignoreland

"If they weren't there we would have created them
Maybe, it's true
But I'm resentful all the same
Someone's got to take the blame
I know that this is vitriol
No solution, spleen-venting
But I feel better having screamed
Don't you?"

This says it all to me. It's the reason for I Want To Kill Somebody. Angry, raging socialist screeds. We need more of them.

The Rubberbandits- Your Dad's Best Friend

"I watch gay porn in my garden shed,

I lie to everybody that my father's dead

I smell like Joop, my son has croup

Picking up the hooker that I like the best

Crying on her toilet cause my life's a mess

I'm sleeping in the office cause my wife's depressed

I'm heating streaky bacon in a trouser press"

Never has there been such a fine and pointed portrait of an unsung hero- a cross between Alan Partridge and Begby. And the volume and angst with which it is delivered made it a sure fire hit.

The Chats- Smoko

"So Let me set the scene

It's 2 in the afternoon and 34 degrees

The Queensland harsh summer heat

Had me sweating buckets all up and down my street

It was there i spotted the bloke

Perched a-top of his milk crate throne

He eyed me off as I approached

Then he said...

I'm on Smoko, so leave me alone. "

Are The Chats serious or are they taking the piss? Are they punk rock or are they an example of the latest round of bullshit retro nostalgia? Either way makes no difference because The Chats are here to save you.

Eminem-Rap God

I’m sure there are faster, smarter, angrier and dumber rap tracks than this but I don’t know them so this will have to do.

Robbie Williams Tripping

A list like this would be incomplete without mention of my husband (plus he word never forgive me). Nothing really political about this one are no lyrics I can be bothered to paste in but it's a great singalong with a really creepy video. Robbie for God 2020.

Buzzcocks-Fast Cars

"Sooner or later, you're gonna listen to Ralph Nader
I don't wanna cause a fuss, but fast cars are so dangerous
Fast cars, fast cars
Fast cars, I hate fast cars, fast cars
Fast cars, fast cars
I hate fast cars."

So old. So very very old. But goddamn is this ever a great song. People are better get listening to Ralph Nader pretty damn quickly because he is not going to live forever.

Tundra - You're Welcome

In typical R*E*P*E*A*T tradition, this one is added at the insistence of Big Brother cos he loves their wreckless surf grunge perfection, and wants the good people of Swansea to revel in Tundra's non stop mission of infectious grunge-pop domination when they play at Creature Sound on Friday September 6th. So there.

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