B Side Music Magazine asked me to pic my fave gigs, single, album, venue etc of 2017. Only I got a bit over excited and did it wrong. And now B Side is no more. But my list is...

"You're gonna wake up one morning and KNOW what side of the bed you've been lying on..."

Seeing as it seems to be 'the thing' to make lists at this time of year, here are mine compiled with little thought and even less order.


Idles – Brutalism
Bury St Edmunds #RockCity (and Sugar Town records)
International Blue
Tories eating themselves
Superglu at Washing Machine Club
You Flexi Things SIAH and Saltfen, Beverley Kills and The Baby Seals
Relevant Records
The Graffiti on Gilbert Rd – JC for PM / I 'heart' Catalonia
Flawed Is Beautiful – These Animal Men / S*M*A*S*H DVD
Desperate Journalist – Grow Up
Introducing ten year old punks on stage (Sound Wave)
Joanna Gruesome
Hardcore Hobbies
Gaffa Tape Sandy Green Vinyl
The A14
The Batts debut ep
Finally seeing The Skids live, 40 years on at Cambridge Junction.
Jeremy Corbyn – kids singing for him at gigs, millions voting for him at the polls, despite the shit spreaders.
My new and lovely red 'entry level' turntable
Damage and Joy
Janet Street Slaughter
Vanilla Coffee
Leon Britton (the footballer not the politician)
S*M*A*S*H at The Portland Arms
God's Favourite Band
Swansea Bay
The Virtues at Washing Machine


Football Lads Alliance
Retweets of Fascists by fingers on buttons
The job you hate but are too scared to pack in
Hedge Funds wrecking our clubs
The A14
POP STARS and anyone else without an opinion
Fancy cider
Punk rock nostalgia

Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T
with apologies to Westwood, McClaren and Rhodes
(look here)

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