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On The Trail...
Grrl Powered 4 piece Beverley Kills to Release 4 track ep on exotic red vinyl 10'' and download

“Great all-girl punky power-pop, sorta like The Muffs or the Fastbacks with a more aggressive vocalist and a dirtier guitar sound.”-

Founded in the summer of 2008, Beverley Kills launched its all-girl punk-rock attack shortly after their first jam and has been gaining momentum ever since.

Founded by drummer Juliette and also starring Georgie, Kate and Elisa (lead vox, guitar and b/vox and bass and b/vox respectively) the band has played all over the country, sharing bills with some notable acts, including Varsity Drag (Ben Deily Lemonheads' current project), Bleech, The Slits - who dubbed BK ‘best support of the tour’, GBH (whose bassist Ross Lomas purred "You might be our new favourite band") - and The Primitives.

The band’s debut EP, ‘No Cash Value’, was released on 9021GO! Records in the summer of 2010, to favourable reviews in a number of well-respected punk fanzines. Their eponymous debut album was unleashed in November 2011 and the people loved it!

The new ep 'Under the Trail' sees them collaborate with long term fans and friends at R*E*P*E*A*T records, releasing the band's (and the label's!) first ever 10'' coloured vinyl record. All who have heard the tracks have been instantly smitten, even the normally hard eared producers at HVR studios became fans:

“Just listened to thirteen minutes and forty two seconds of absolute punky, grungy pop perfection. And after a million listens it is still awesome.

Can’t wait for the world to hear how well this band have captured the spirit, immediacy and energy of hearing a record like Dookie by Green Day or Nevermind by Nirvana for the first time. Just chuffed to be involved and the number one fan of Beverley Kills!!!”"


With song plays and interviews on BBC and other radio stations behind them, and a love of playing live, the grrrls of Beverley Kills fully intend to continue blazing their own punk rock trail.

The band will be promoting the ep with a series of dates including

Sunday November 3rd, stripped down set supporting Grant Hart (Husker Du / Nova Mob), Portland Arms, Cambridge
November 7th, The Windmill Brixton
November 9th, Cambridge Portland Arms – ep launch party
December 6th, Portland Arms Cambridge

Available from November 11th 2013 as a coloured vinyl 4 track ep in black or very limited (less than 20!) hand made white sleeves, or as download from usual digital stores.

Buy your vinyl copy here

Sleeve colour



“Cambridge-based Beverley Kills are an all-girl pop-punk-rock four piece with the perfect mix of attitude, snarl, riffs and melodies to set them apart from other pretenders. Part Veruca Salt, part Hole, part Breeders and part Sleater-Kinney, Beverley Kills are a breath of fresh air on the UK punk-rock scene because they have the songs to back up their riot-grrrl attitude.”
We Rock Like Girls Don't

“Taking inspiration for their band and label names from the rubbish TV programme about over-privileged kids flaunting their wealth and stupidity, you might fear the worst for the all-girl Beverley Kills...But when you learn that they're mates with Peterborough's legendary Destructors, you can be sure they take their punk seriously. Foot down from the get go, they never let up, delivering eight breakneck cuts in little more than twenty minutes. 'VIP', 'Night Time Girl' and 'You Wish For' are all standouts, effortlessly melodic with lead singer Georgie fronting the harmonies. A bit too sweet perhaps? Not in the slightest. These girls mean business, racking them up with a bulldozing rhythm section and buzzsaw guitar. Shame it's over all too soon.”
Gerry Ranson - Vive Le Rock Magazine

“Beverley Kills/ The Destructors – C’Etait La Guerre [...] The split is a great way of getting your name exposed to new fans, and I reckon Beverley Kills are going to benefit from this one. They kick off proceedings with three tracks of really powerful female pop-punk. And when I say pop-punk I mean the “proper” bubblegum punky variety as played by the likes of Face To Face, Tilt, The Methadones and co. The three songs showcase their sound and are the perfect catalyst to make you want to hunt out some other releases or catch them live. Basically if you dig yer pop-punk served hot from the oven, you need to listen to this. As is tradition with bands of the ilk these Cambridge girls give you a quality rendition of Don Black’s 1972 classic “Ben” (you know, the Michael Jackson one!). A quick virtual flip of the disc and it’s The Destructors’ turn...A good contrast to the more melodic sounds of Beverley Kills, two good solid punk bands complementing each other nicely.”
Tom Chapman - Mass Movement Magazine

“I recently took a poke around the black bins of in Denver while on a small business trip in Colorado...As I handed my carefully selected items over the counter to the clerks...I noticed the Beverley Kills “9021GO” album thru the corner of my eyes. As the tattooed clerk (an environmentalist) put the last item into the paper bag, I asked her to ring up the new B.K L.P on the register too. She asked 4 a price check over the P.A & the assistant manager did rush over like the wind to assist. He looked embarrassed as he explained the album was not labeled. He claimed he found the disc in his Ford Focus late night Friday after a wild swingers party & that he believed the album to be rare. Turns out it’s a great all girl grungy (think Green Day with a female singer) band from Cambridge UK. Close to The Muffs, Hole, Joan Jet, & the Blackhearts. Tracking was well done, high quality recording, & solid cuts start to finish. Lots of ringing in my ears now.”
GuN - Mighty Fleiss Radio

“BEVERLEY KILLS / THE DESTRUCTORS: C'etait La Guerre Split EP - BEVERLEY KILLS are an all-female melodic punk rock band from the Cambridge area in UK. A new aquaintance that was really nice. Damned good indeed! Would be nice to hear some more with this band.”
Jimmy Blomfield -

“These four ladies not only rock one of the best new band names we've heard in ages, but also the attitude, ability and, most importantly, tunes to go with it. This is punk rock of the getting-drunk-with-your-friends, having-a-good-time variety, and if you don't leave their gig with a big good-to-be-alive grin on your face, then you quite probably have a shrivelled, decaying soul…”
Line Of Best Fit

“Beverley Kills. A quartet of punk-tinged all-girl rockers from the city of Cambridge. Tunefully forceful lead vocals set off by crunching riffs, driving drumming and particularly emphatic layers of call-response-rant-woo-ooh backing vocals...They have picked up an ever-increasing band of fans, who rather approve of their increasingly fully-realised songs and assured sound. Expect their set to be pounding, tuneful and – lest we forget – very good fun indeed.”
R*E*P*E*A*T Fanzine

“This all-girl super group blend sweet harmonies with pop punk driven guitars with such ease, it's a joy to watch/listen to. Make sure you catch these gals!”
No Gods No Managers

“Beverley Kills have rapidly made a name for themselves with their intensely melodic brand of punk rock. Massive hooks, riffs to knock houses down and a sense of humour. Expect the odd nifty cover in there too! ”
Green Mind Promotions

"I have been looking forward to a 'proper' release from all-girl Cambridge band Beverley Kills for about a year now I guess, since they released their first demo. I'm a massive fan of this band and some readers with a longer-term memory might remember that they were interviewed a few issues back. Well, what can I say, this 5 track EP just gets so much play around mine, there is so much to love about this band, from the Ramones-esque chunky guitar sound to the Teen Idols-inspired harmony-filled pop-punk. The vocal melodies from Georgie really do set this off a treat, my favourite female vocalist perhaps of all time? Just perhaps, listen to the chorus of 'Papercuts' and you'll hear what I mean, just amazing. Man, we must get these lot back to Norwich soon (they played Lucy's Birthday show last year). This would've been my release of the issue if there wasn't such an unusual amount of quality stuff elsewhere. Get this."
Mild Peril Zine

“Real nice melodic punk rock here; it’s not super fast, but it does have bite, good vocals, a nice guitar sound and there is a catchy energy to the songs that makes them stick in your head. This isn’t just a lazy comparison because they are all girls, some of it really does remind me of early Go Gos, but harder, grittier and more punk sounding (the pictures on the tray inlay do nothing to dispel that feeling either). Five tracks here, and all are winners, I’ve been playing this a lot.”
Suspect Device