We have lots of bargain deals available at present, look here for details!

MBRR101 Saffs "Supercharger" 7" Slice of raucous eye-linered punk pop which made their name. £2

MBRR103 Alcopop - "It's Your Fault' ep CD. The Cd which earned them praise from the inkies and plays on Radio One. Comparisons were made with The Shop Assistants, Hole and The Primitives, this CD demonstrates their ear for a top tune. £2

MBRR105 Pala " Cat Like Creatures" CD / 7". The lead track is a fantastic collaboration with Makif Aka Quillis to produce something once described as "Ali G meets the Chills", other songs are anthemic pop with an unstable centre.

MBRR106 Five Star Mary "Marlene" (CD and limited coloured 7", £4 each) The band from Buffy release their top notch American sounds to an eager British public.

MBRR108 Miss Black America's 'Adrenaline Junkie Class-A Mentalist' EP - sold out.

MBRR109 / BB001 The Hammers ("Slipknot meets Bon Jovi") split single with Foxy Ramone (who don't meet many people really) single "When You Go Away" has sold out. But there is a five track wonder CD available through R*E*P*E*A*T subsidiary label Big Badger Recordings, featuring 2 tracks by The Hammers and 3 by Foxy Ramone. £2:50 (BB002)

MBRR 110 "Fuck The Jubilee" very limited coloured seven inch vinyl single featuring Neo and The Virgin Suicides - £2

Right Turn Clyde - '3' - sold out. Look out for a new release soon from them on Deck Cheese Records.

MBRR111 The Virgin Suicides “Plough Over The Bones Of The Dead” ep Inflamatory and beautiful four track debut from Cambridge’s teenage eyelinered nihilists.

MBRR112 Love Music Hate Racism split 7” yellow vinyl single featuring Miss Black America and Cultural Iceage, the Independent’s Single of the Week. Sold out.

MBRR114 Miss Black America ‘Beautiful Velocity’ / All I Want Is Out 7” in aid of Love Music Hate Racism. “combining futuristic punk with great melody, ... this is the best thing Glass and Co have done for a long time”. £3

MBRR115 Split 7" single on white vinyl featuring near legendary ranting radical poet Attila the Stockbroker with his band Barnstormer and young pretenders Bomb Factory.

Albums / Compilations

“Oh Grantchester,So Much To Answer For” 7" featuring Freeboy (quality pop), Stripey (lo-fi female fronted genius). Autumn Stone (pop with a '60s feel) and Eden Park (Brit Pop), only a few left - £2:50

Straight Outta Cottenham 7" featuring The Saffs (glitter glam sleaze queens), Ex Boyfriends (energetic punk-pop), Hinton (guitar pop for scooter riders) and The Friday’s (keyboard pop). Only a few left - £2:50

MBRR102 The Dustbin Of Histon CD featuring Alcopop (kerb crawling female fronted genius in the manner of Penetration and Girls At Our Best), Freeboy (perfect pop with warped centre), Dogboy (55 seconds of sci-fi punk genius), Pala (intergalacric sex pop), Porthole (individual creative keyboard genius), Return of Id (a wonky attack on pop's limitations), Rollerco (rockin workout from South Wales) and Foxy Ramone (the ultimate tribute band). Only a few left - £2:50

MBRR104 The Saffs "Lady Boy Chaser" CD - 6 track mini album showcasing the talents of this much lamented band. £3

MBRR107 It Takes A Nation Of Miltons To Hold Us Back CD 24 tracks including Miss Black America’s first ever release, Hofrnan, Alcopop, Pala, Mir, Lunch, Monkey Island, Spraydog. The Saffs, Delicate Awol, Mokona, Fenside, Interlaken and many more - the best introduction to what excited us at time in the underground scene, the quality is variable but for two quid you can’t go wrong! And it’s all introduced by Daphne - but not Celeste!. £2

MBRR113 “Fear Of A Black Kennett” features 21 tracks from bands such as Kinesis, Asian Dub Foundation, King Adora, Miss Black America, The Virgin Suicides, Chris T-T, The Dawn Parade and more and is sold in aid of Love Music Hate Racism. It’s been widely praised and admired, you can read many of these reviews in this very issue. £8.50

Coming Soon

Following the success of our split 7” coloured vinyl singles in aid of Love Music Hate Racism, we have 3 more of these in the pipeline, a ranting poetry one (Attila the Stockbroker and Bomb Factory), a perfect pop one (Chris T-T and Cosy Cosy), and an intelligent hardcore one (Impact and Volunteers). These singles are very collectable and popular, so keep an eye on the website for details.

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