R*E*P*E*A*T Records Press Release

Volunteers - Know Yourself
(CD album, cat no MBRR120 released July 2nd through Backs / Shellshock / Pinnacle distribution)

Volunteers bring forth positive energy and positive attitude in this, their second hardcore longplayer.

Volunteers are a sort of old school hardcore supergroup, featuring ex members of the near legendary Jacob's Mouse and Chevette. Volunteers play superfast hardcore punk to promote health, vitality and wellbeing. They aint fucking about. Within a few months of forming, they were already packing out venues across the south east, lured in by the intensity of their frantic blasts of speedcore punk rock. They were included on the Love Music Hate Racism compilation 'Fear Of A Black Kennett', and John Peel (RIP) was won over. Now it's your turn.

A split single with the simply scary Impact saw a hat trick of plays on Mike Smith's Breezeblock Radio One show, more press and more chaotic gigs.

Speaking of their new album 'Know Yourself' the band say

We all know that this world is shit and suffering, but let's bring peace to ourselves and pass it on to friends, family and enemies.

Is it bullshit or is it wisdom? Is it time to stop talking the loser talk and start talking solutions?

'Cos Volunteers are one 'little cog' in the big scheme - together with the other free thinking, love giving, angry as fuck 'little cogs' of this world, we can destruct and rebuild that big bastard globalised roulette wheel before it rips us to shreds - the fucker!

'Know Yourself' - a serious thing.

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Release date 2.7.05, Cat NO MBRR120, Distribution Backs Shellshock / Pinnacle
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