via R*E*P*E*A*T Records, distributed via Backs / Shellshock / Pinnacle catalogue no. MBRR118
via R*E*P*E*A*T Records, distributed via Backs / Shellshock / Pinnacle catalogue no. MBRR119
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Life with MISS BLACK AMERICA - Seymour Glass (vocals / guitar / gob), Mat Anthony (guitar / vocals), Ryan Banwell (bass), Simon Chapple (drums) - is a veritable rock 'n' roll rollercoaster.

UP: in August 2000 an early incarnation of MBA support The Dandy Warhols.
Down: enigmatic, rent-a-quote front man Seymour Glass has the little finger on his left hand ripped off in an industrial accident. Although successfully sewn back on, he can't play guitar for a year.

UP: in 2001, MBA record their first Peel session for Radio 1 so beginning an association with the late 'n' legendary DJ which peaks in December 2002 with all three singles from their debut album 'God Bless Miss Black America' voted into the Festive 50.

UP: MBA 'own' 2002. 'Talk Hard' single play listed everywhere. Sessions broadcast for Radio 1, Virgin, and XFM. First NME photoshoot. Support The Liars, The Libertines, and - oh yes - Ms Dynamite.
Down: Although 'God Bless…' is widely acclaimed, the first review to be published, in the NME, is an unfavourable one. HMV & Virgin refuse to stock said album. Integrity Records runs out of money but despite this, and despite no adverts in the music press 'God Bless…' still manages to sell 10,000 copies.

Down: MBA part company with Integrity, and indeed, with themselves.

UP: As 2003 begins, Seymour breaks in a new line up by travelling to Holland's Eurosonic Norderslag Festival at John Peel's request. MBA top this by embarking on a sold out tour with Kinesis and Reuben, and a five date UK tour with Therapy?
Down: UK Christmas tour nearly kills Seymour who, as a result of being constantly drunk for nearly two years, suffers from blood sugar problems.

What to do? MBA took a deep breath and started all over again. Only with less sex, drugs, and alcohol but with a whole lot more rock 'n' roll. MBA played to a sold out London Astoria alongside The Libertines, The Buzzcocks, and Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, and The Others. Recording began in earnest for their second album with Gavin Monaghan (Bloc Party, TheDawn Parade, Jesus And Mary Chain) at the helm.

'Terminal' kicks off in grand style with the forthcoming, limited edition, single 'Dot Dot Dot', a gloriously O.T.T. three and a half minutes of unpretentious rock 'n' fucking roll. What follows is a life affirming, passionate and positive record which crackles with energy. Indeed, calling one of your songs 'Once More, With Feeling', isn't trying to be clever, it's a statement of intent. 'Terminal'? Hardly. MBA're back, alive and kicking.


Miss Black America are available for interview. Please contact Anthony Gibbons