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The Big Badger Recording Co, through R*E*P*E*A*T Records, is very proud to announce the release of Autons' debut single Snakes' on Saturday May 20th. The single will be available to buy mailorder from RE*P*E*A*T, at the gig and for free download from www.bigbadgerrecordingco.co.uk, and has the catalogue number BB009.

Autons met auditioning to be extras in the new Dr Who TV series. Failing in their attempts to appear as Autons (the plastic mannequins that came to life), they decided to form a band named after their beloved Dr Who adversaries.

Snakes c/w Ice Major is their debut single.

Without any arm twisting from record companies or PR sluts, a promo version of the single has already played extensively and excitedly by Radio One (Rob Da Bank and Steve Lamacq) who went on to feature the song in their 'Best of Unsigned' Podcast, and also by XFM, just because these DJs liked it! Meanwhile, the band's last London show at Madame Jojos was filmed by MTV Europe.

Repeat Records heard the song being played by Rod Da Bank, were blown away, contacted the band and hey presto, 4 weeks later, here we are putting this original, electrifying jolt of electro rock n roll out!

Pre- Release Reviews:

''Portsmouth based Autons impress with the brilliant Snakes. Taken from their 4-track demo that da Bank couldn't stop raving about. Already played on the show before hitting unsigned. They've also had heat from MTV - watch them go big!'' Radio 1's Rob da Bank

"Mixing laser electro effects, pop sense and an apparent saxophone and turning the resultant sound-tableau up to Rock, Autons are fantastic, leftfield fun and have more Beat than the Ramones Brat. In fact, this is on occasion so jerkily uber-rhythmic as to be almost techno, which fits quite well with the atmospheric tranced-out breakdowns - and, indeed, with the space invader arcade effects and the sense of dance floor aneurysm invitation. Highly enjoyable chant-along thrash-pop noise: go get." Drowned in Sound

''Appropriately enough, the debut single from Portsmouth trio Autons hisses and writhes around vigorously like a pissed-off cobra trapped in a bag. It's a good thing that this electro-punk gem is blessed with a guitar riff to die for, because once it sinks its fangs into you there's no antidote to its poison. B-side 'Ice Major' also impresses, the BPM ratcheted up another notch, but it's 'Snakes' that demands your attention. A killer, and no mistake. '' VANITY PROJECT fanzine

"This is the most adventurous C.D I have heard all day, it's excellent. Autons have a very punky sound that is mixed with techno beats and the result is absolutely fantastic. The title track instantly engraves its way into your head if this band doesn't go far in the future there is something seriously wrong. Genius. 10/10" - Joe 90, Repeat Fanzine (this review, written before we’d talked to the band, convinced us to put out the single)

"The three piece have developed an electrifying stage show full of scintillating keyboards and rapid fire beats. Leon Auton's guitar is now the fastest gun in the West while David Auton's elegantly wasted persona is an update of Bowie at his best." - The Guide

"They are positively brimming with electric and energy, the tunes have taken on new improved twists and turns, beats have got bigger, the guitars crash and burn with even more passion and David Auton looks more and more like he should be gracing the covers of select magazines. One can't help but fall in love with them." - Vanity Project

"Autons remarkable talents for songwriting mean they stand head and shoulders above most around them in terms of inventiveness...they will appeal far more widely than my words can do them justice" - www.dso.co.uk

"Autons have good songs, very good songs with intelligent lyrics and, in a world of paint-by-numbers indie guitar chancers, a sound which is very refreshingly their own" - flywessex.blogspot.com


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