Press Release

Pilots of the Sixth Release Debut CD 'Arbury Demonstrations' on Big Badger Recordings
Available via free download or mail order through R*E*P*E*A*T Records

Big Badger recording Co is proud to announce its first proper release, the debut collection from Pilots of the Sixth, a young mob of maestro minstrels and verbal wizards, whose toe tapping, pop powered mix of sleazy blues and effortlessly catchy melodies are already starting to take the city's venues by storm.

Inspired by the desire to make some decent music 'cos we're sick of hearing shit', Pilots of the Sixth look like becoming the most exciting new band in Cambridge. With a nod at The White Stripes and a wink at The Libertines, The Pilots are a band at ease with their inspirations, able to take constructively from the past while adding their own unique slant. Having 3 distinct and talented songwriters with very different influences has helped add a variety to the band's repertoire so often lacking in new groups, but the distinctive Pilots performance magically mixes in all this diverse creativity to produce songs that are already recognisably theirs.

Words and sounds plundered so far for The Pilots armoury include The Cooper Temple Clause, The Foreign Beggars, The Moldy Peaches, Johnny Cash, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Robert Johnson, The Zutons, Baby Shambles and William Blake, with some songs sleazy, others trashy and some with a heart of pure pop: the band's genius lies in the way they manage to fuse these disparate elements into an original and startling sound. Their gigs are joyous, noisy celebrations of life and noise, and this CD begins to show the potential within this band of young gentlemen.

The demos, recorded in deepest Arbury (hence their title), will be available for free download from February 20th, with a hard copy for sale mail order from R*E*P*E*A*T and at gigs for £2. Both band and label mark this event with a launch party at The Man On The Moon, Cambridge on that date.

Later in the year the band join The Visions, Miss Black America and the reformed Saffs in playing The Junction for R*E*P*E*A*T's 10th birthday celebrations, before playing the Main Stage at Strawberry Fair in June and then hopefully heading further afield later in the year.