Temporary Hoardings - fanzine panel discussion
Featuring contributors to Temporary Hoarding, Ripped and Torn, Abuse!, All About Dee, Kulk Art Zine and Pint Sized Punk Zine.

Fanzines, and the DIY culture they represent, have a unique space in rock'n'roll history.

On October 10th 2020, R*E*P*E*A*T hosted a panel discussion featuring movers and shakers from the fanzine world spanning nearly 50 years.


5 mins in
Roger and Ruth from Temporary Hoarding, the joyously anarchic cut and paste fanzine that helped mobilise tens of thousands, and so changed history in the Rock Against Racism movement of the 1970s. When Johnny Rotten wouldn't talk to the music press, he talked to Temporary Hoarding.

Tony from Ripped and Torn and Kill Your Pet Puppy zines.
Ripped and Torn is always cited as one of the most important and influential zines of the punk era, and there has been a resurgence in interest in it, as shown recent books and exhibitions. Tony has a vast knowledge of all things zine and DIY.

31 mins in
Sid Abuse (Abuse! Fanzine) and Dee (All about Dee fanzine) from the 1990s, a time when fanzine culture once again took on the establishment, and helped power bands such as Ash, bis, S*M*A*S*H and of course Manic Street Preachers into the mainstream, as well as supporting unjustly neglected talents such as Period Pains, The Pin Ups and Create!

55 mins in
Jade and Thom from Kulk Art Zines.
Kulk are a young band who have made their zines, as well as their music, a central part of the thriving underground music scene of Bury St Edmunds, Rock City, a scene which also includes the likes of Gaffa Tape Sandy, Tundra and Seymour Quigley's Washing Machine nights.

Arlo from Pint Sized Punk zine
Pint Sized Punk is a new paper based zine being produced and sold at an incredible rate from Bristol. So far it has featured an impressive and eclectic list of acts, including IDLES, Fontaines DC and TV Priest. Ten year old Arlo set up the zine while his school was shut during lockdown, and his writing, designing and marketting of it has provided a model alternative to traditional schooling. One I've been trying to subvert into my teaching for years!

Of course there were scores of other people I could have and wanted to ask so maybe we'll have a second one of these events, perhaps focussing on the zines inspired by The Manic Street Preachers.

While this was a free event donations to Love Music Hate Racism and / or Black Lives Matter UK are welcomed:




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