Sound Of Guns
UK Tour
February 2010
Questionnaire: Steve Bateman

“Fuelled by an unforgettable fire, these Scouse rockers summon the stadium squall of U2, playing small venues as if they were headlining Wembley.” THE GUARDIAN

“As massive and dramatic as anything on a major label, brilliant stuff.” XFM

“Arguably the biggest sound in Liverpool right now… they’re the new princes of the city.” SOUND CITY

Andy Metcalfe (vocals), Lee Glynn (guitar), Nathan Crowley (guitar), John Coley (bass) and Si Finley (drums), otherwise known collectively as Sound Of Guns, are by no means what some might call a typical Liverpool sounding band, for their hearts have been given over to bombastic rock ‘n’ roll. A genre in which they truly excel!

Formed in 2008 from the ashes of Freemaker, The Vagabonds and The Veras. Music Journalist Paul Lester wrote: “SOG are one of those bands who make their fans feel they are part of something big, a community of likeminds who passionately believe in, well, the power of faith. Manic Street Preachers man Dave Eringa produced one of their tracks, Lightspeed, and they do indeed remind you a bit of Design For Life-era, triumph-over-adversity Manics.”

To date, Sound Of Guns have released a couple of songs which were playlisted by several important radio stations, and are now about to put out their brand new single, Alcatraz, on March 8th through Distiller Records. Their press release notes: “Having broken through the ranks via BBC Introducing last year, the band have had many highlights including playing at Radio 1’s Big Weekend, a main stage performance at Latitude Festival and 4 performances at Glastonbury. They rounded off the year with a show at the inaugural Sound City Festival in Dubai and opening Liverpool’s Music Week. They have been tipped for great things from the likes of Q, The Guardian, Rocksound and The Fly. Steve Lamacq also featured them as his favourite new band on his 6 Music show.”

Currently putting the finishing touches to their debut album, Nathan gave R*E*P*E*A*T some need to know facts about one of Liverpool’s bright new hopes. Who as part of ‘The Class Of 2010’, create hard-rocking and cavernous music that will give listeners what he called: “An experience of epic proportions”…

Lucy: Your band have been quite quiet for the last few months. Are you looking forward to playing gigs again?
Katie Jane Garside: I think I give very obtuse ans

1.One of the first things that drew me to your music, was the huge anthemic sound that you create. But where does the impetus come from to blend classic hard rock, with radio-friendly choruses and memorable melodies?
“I think it’s fair to say the driving force behind our sound, comes from the eclectic pool of influences that each member brings to the band. We all add an ingredient that creates the final songs. Andy has a love for soul artists and Me, Lee, Si and John, listen to bands ranging from Zeppelin, The Who, AC/DC to The Verve, The Walkmen, BRMC. The list is endless, but all of a similar ilk.”

2.What are the main themes of your lyrics + of all the artists’ and music that you cherish, which songs most move you and are there any songs that you wish you had written?
Jeff Buckley – Last Goodbye
The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter
Led Zeppelin – Thank You

3.On a similar note, from some of the music that I love, one of my favourite epic songs is Motorcycle Emptiness by the Manic Street Preachers, and one of my favourite short songs is Velocity Girl by Primal Scream. But do you have any favourite epic and short songs?
Most epic songs for Me would have to be…
Guns N’ Roses – November Rain
Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

Short songs…
Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love
The Kinks – You Really Got Me

4.You’re currently recording your debut album, but was the record planned in your head and how important is studio technology to you?

“The album was not planned in our heads, but we did have around 20 songs picked from around 30. We then had the process of getting this down to about 15. Studio technology is very important to us, as it has allowed us to record demos ourselves and help in the development of tracks. We recorded the album ourselves in the rehearsal room. Simon is the wizard behind the recording equipment.”

5.Have you had a guiding hand to help you along the way?
“The album is being mixed by The Verve’s producer Chris Potter.”

6.As a band, is there a typical way that you work on song ideas and do you feel any kind of music telepathy between you all?

“Generally, Andy will have some rough ideas on the acoustic guitar with some lyrics and melodies. Sometimes he will record them and we can all have a listen. But most of the time, we all just start playing as a band with Andy on the acoustic guitar. Me and Lee work on guitar parts that complement each other and share lead parts within the song. Si and John create a real thick backbone to the song, which enhances that hugeness. There are occasions when songs just write themselves if you like. Architects and Alcatraz are fine examples of this.”

7.For you personally, what makes a good group and how often do you all practise?
“This method does not work for everyone. But, in this group we work very hard. We practice Monday to Friday about 6 hours a day. We all really enjoy it. Whether it be writing, recording, rehearsing or just sitting in the room with a few cans. I think this is something we get from reading and listening to the bands we all love. They all worked extremely hard to get where they are. That’s something we believe.”

8.What’s the story behind your name, Sound Of Guns?

“The band name came from a lot of debating. We had a list of final names. Sound Of Guns had been mentioned but never made the list. But, after a day or two of it being spoken of, it just felt right. It was a name that sounded powerful and fitted the music. It was from lyrics Andy had in one of his books in the old rehearsal room, which burnt down taking the book with it.”

9.Some of Q Magazine’s most prestigious annual Music Awards include: Classic Album, Classic Songwriter, Innovation In Sound, Legend and Outstanding Contribution To Music. But if the decision was yours, who would you hand each of these trophies to?

Classic Album – Led Zeppelin IV

Classic Songwriter – Paul McCartney

Innovation In Sound – Pink Floyd

Legend – Slash

Outstanding Contribution To Music – Jimi Hendrix

10.What do you regard as some of the great reunions in recent times, and if you could entice any group to reform – providing that all of the original members are still alive – who would it be?
“Led Zeppelin – I was lucky enough to go. Blew my mind. If I could get someone to reform, it would be Guns N’ Roses.”

11.What does it mean to you to play your songs live and can you tell us about performing at the Dubai Sound City Festival?
“Playing live is the best part of being in this band. After spending time in rehearsal writing the songs, it’s always a great experience to play them to new ears. It’s another opportunity to let people feel the hugeness of the sound we are trying to create. Dubai Sound City was a great opportunity and also a great thing for the Liverpool music scene. Liverpool Sound City is a great music Festival and for it to be taken to Dubai was a sign that it’s doing well. We played two sets, one on the main stage with Doves, The Futureheads and The Farm. The other set was on a floating pontoon in a marina. We were surrounded by Millionaires’ yachts. That was different from playing the local barfly.”

12.Is being in a band / the lifestyle, everything you expected it would be + is the group’s image important to you?

“Yes, it’s everything I expected it to be. But travel lodges every night on tour can break anyone. It’s a tough time for any band in The Music Industry now and it’s important to stay focussed. The image of the band is important to me, in the sense I would like people to look at us and see that we work hard.”

13.What are your biggest hopes for Sound Of Guns long-term?

“I would like us to keep growing and to increase the fanbase all over the world. Playing live is something this band loves doing, but I also feel the music works in big venues. To be able to tour Europe, America, Asia would be immense.”

14.If you were asked to look after ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’ for 1 week, which musicians / celebrities would you book to appear on the programme alongside the Team Captains, Phill Jupitus and Noel Fielding?

Show Host – Keith Lemon

Phill’s Guest #1 – Claudia Winkleman

Phill’s Guest #2 – Jack Black

Noel’s Guest #1 – Dave Grohl

Noels’ Guest #2 – John Bishop (Comedian)

15.Lastly, chips or cream buns?


A very special thanks to Nathan and to Sarah @ Division Promotions, for all of their time and help.

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