Robots in Disguise
Interview by Joey Eyebank
Cambridge Barfly 6th February 2008

I rush off the bus with questions in mind in a hurry to meet Robots in Disguise's tour managers deadline of a 6'o clock interview, but as soon as I sprint to the front of the Barfly I get a call; "Oh um sorry RiD are running a bit late on their sound check could you meet us in about an hour or half, "I kindly reply "yeah, sure" in order to give a good impression that I'm a suave journalist who has plenty of wasteable time and in fact has other things to do because I have a lot of paperwork. This is not however the case so I instead go mad for money in Staples, Highlighters, felt tips, biros, pencils, sharpeners, sellotape and odd bits 'n' bobs.

Exlusive pic by Steve Bateman, more here

RiD's promotional leaflet referred to them as being DIY types so I buy a gun hole punch and a table attachable pen as presents for the girls, I use the promo leaflet I got sent for much of my research for the questions I ask later on in the interview, but it later turns out that PR company "Infected's" information on the girls is "infected" with internet fuelled junk.
Later after wading through the crowds of fluorescent bright coloured 13 year olds girls with strange "electro pop" glitter make up applied like war paint (which signifies a sense of cult like "troop" to these girls), I enter the RiD's backstage lair. At first it takes about 2 minutes for them to realise I'm standing in the room awkwardly introducing myself. Sue Denim however seems to be very cheerful and talkative; the other 2, being Dee Plume (Vocals/guitarist and Noel Fielding's girlfriend) who seems to be busy away knitting at a green scarf and the seemingly monosyllabic (but probably lovely) Ann Droid whom is busy myspacing.


Joey: How have Robots in Disguise progressed since the LeTigre gig?
Sue Denim: LeTigre?
Joey: Yeah the one that you "met at"!
Sue: (sarcastically) Oh yeah the one that we met at!
Dee Plume: No we didn't really meet at a LeTigre gig; we've been there a few times but no.
Sue: Faulty information.
*Joe curses the "promotional leaflet" he got sent by their PR*

Joey: Tell us a little bit about your single "The sex has made me stupid"?
Dee: Well it's just simply about some of the distractions like sex and drugs, and that's it really.

Joey: Who or what have been your main influences for this album, lyrically etc?
Sue: Berlin's been a big influence uh….. places have been more influential then any other artist for this album. Botswana, Brazil, Belgium
Dee: Basically places beginning with B have been really influential

Joey: You do quite a lot for the Mighty Boosh as well...
Dee and Sue at the same time in a northern accent: Oh we do do quite a lot for the Mighty Boosh!!!!

How did you get to know Noel and Julian?
Dee: Through friends in Camden really, we performed in this place in Camden called the "Hen and Chickens" and we did a short sketch with them so they signed a part for us, and that's it really.

Joey: Have you got any other plans with the Boosh?
Dee: No.
Sue: Well we were all going to bake a cake together .
Dee: We might be playing there after show as well and we might actually be playing with them live though because they've got a live tour coming up.

Joey: How would you describe your sound to a Burberry wearing brain dead alien, suffering from amnesia?
Sue: Wouldn't bother if they were brain dead and suffering from amnesia! We'd probably just play the songs to them, then they could actually make up their own mind about what it sounds like.

Dee: Argh god do you know what, I think I've left my bionic toothbrush in the travellodge.
Sue: Oh yeah actually I saw that on the table in the bathroom.
Dee: Why didn't you tell me.
Sue: I thought you'd pick it up!
Dee: Oh shit, what am I going to do now, what am I going to do. I'm going to have yellow teeth.
Sue: I have a spare one in my travel pack; you can borrow that one if you want.
Dee: I want my bionic one though, argh.
Sue: You see Robots are all about Bionic toothbrushes.
Joey: What's a Bionic toothbrush?
Sue: It's just a magic toothbrush, the answer to life they are really.
Dee: I don't really know how it works to be honest, you just sort of wet it and then its supposed to like attract bacteria.
Joey: Wow.

Joey: How are you feeling about tonight?
Dee: Fantastic!
Sue: No we played here before, it was good fun.
Dee: Yeah we walked over the bridge in Cambridge, its been a really picturesque day and we walked beside the river. It was the CAMbridge so I think it's the proper one that goes over the River Cam.
Sue: The original bridge.

Joey: What does the future have in store for Robots?
Sue: More touring, we're supposed to be playing south by south west and then we're going to France and Spain, just a lot of gigging.
Dee: And we have quite a cult following in France, well we started in France.

Joey: Your label's French as well isn't it?
Dee and Sue: No
Sue: It was but they owe us loads of money.

Joey: Seeing as your name is taken from "Transformers" did you think about doing a theme tune for the new movie adaptation of Transformers that came out recently?
Dee: I haven't seen the film yet actually, I've heard that the first twenty minutes are good and then the rest is shit!
Joey: No it's not that good, it's kind of just mainly focused around this bimbo and the storyline is flimsy.
Dee: Well you're the critic. (laughs)

Joey: How do you feel about some of the current bands at the moment, be it electro, indie, pop, rock?
Dee: I feel good that bands are making money through playing live, because we never really made money from that, and our live thing is like a big part of what we do. You can sort of be your own thing and develop it in this industry now which I think is good!
(Continues to knit a green scarf)

Joey: Will you be bringing the unicorn horn out tonight?
Sue: No, that's just a thing that I do in Berlin I think the unicorn's locked up over there.

Joey: How much are Neon, Ultra, Anthrax and Ebola (Mighty Boosh characters they played) related to you as people?
Sue: Well they're just caricatures aren't they, I suppose they are a side of us, but we're not that one dimensional, and also those characters are pretty harsh which doesn't much relate to us!
Dee: We'd never have boys in our band as well.

Joey: Yeah that feminist image does come strongly in Robots image doesn't it?
Dee: Yeah it's good, because we've always thought of rock music as quite male dominated and since we burst onto the scene it's been good to see so many girls rocking out at our gigs making the boys feel more of a minority.
Sue: And also I think one of the reasons we inspire so many girls at our shows is because we inspire our fans to dress up by having this DIY kind of image and then it makes all of the fans a part of it as in a kind of cult way and they can relate to it as well. We change our style very often as well.
Dee: We've also always thought about ourselves as a punk band as so many of the bands that were from the punk scene were female dominated, we think of punk as a very feminist genre.

Joey: And lastly a question about cereal, Shreddies or Weetabix?
(Due to my some what grumbley accent they mistake wheetabix for wheatex and ponder over what I said for abit)
Dee: I prefer wheatabix.
Sue: Yeah Weetabix It is, but I like the mini ones with the fruit and nut.

There may not be too much originality about Robots in Disguise, but on stage it is clear to see that there is a stage bond between the two girls with their home made t-shirts and glow stick swords to add to the groups DIY "girl rave" persona; at the end of the day they are not trying to be too deep and meaningful, they are about having a good time.

Thanks to the band and to Mark Wainwright of Infected for fixing things up.

* Well, sadly with the growth of the British National Party there's a need to do it all again, and only the other week the NME run a huge issue on it and gave out a CD with lots o