The Paddingtons play Cambridge Junction on October 4th

The Paddingtons

e-mail Interview - September 2005

Hull teen punks The Paddingtons release debut album of genius pop songs, 'FIRST COMES FIRST' (Poptones/ Mercury) on October 24th, New Single 'SORRY' released October 11th.

"Skinny kids with a silent-hooligan pose. Lead singer Tom Paddington is hypodermic-thin, hair over his face, and a nasty sneer. It starts to feel claustrophobic, then the drummer shouts '1234' and the club explodes..... A 1000mph riot of maxed out, sugar-coated electricity" - NME

"The Paddingtons are writing tunes with enough verve and energy to take them out of the shadows of The Libertines" -MUSIC WEEK
"These punk-rocking, brogue-wearing teenagers are the real deal. Eight days a week" - Sarah Hay, iD

"Fantastic. Another rabbit-punch of pure punk-pop from our finest dumb pop hopefuls" NME

"Green Day with brains" - NME

"A torrent of unbridled punk energy" - TIME OUT

"The Paddingtons are lead by the most staringly intense frontman since Johnny Rotten. The band fuse the viciousness of the Sex Pistols and the wisdom of The Clash" - DAILY STAR

THE PADDINGTONS release their debut album of genius pop songs 'FIRST COMES FIRST' on 24th October through Poptones/ Mercury.

'FIRST COMES FIRST' was recorded and produced by the infamous Owen Morris (Oasis, Ash, New Order, The Verve) in 2 weeks at a studio near Hastings, appropriately as there were regular battles between band and producer , and between the band themselves. Pumped-up and euphoric after a days work they'd usually jump off the studio roof.

'FIRST COMES FIRST' is packed with great songs - every track is a winner. From the full-throttle punk of 'Some Old Girl' , 'Worse For Wear', 'Tommy's Disease' and 'Loser' (regularly dedicated live to Liam Gallagher) through to the upbeat skank of 'Alright In The Morning' and the fizz-pop of forthcoming single 'Sorry'. Previous singles '21', ' Panic Attack' and '50 To A £' (the last two Top 30 hits) are included too. Also worth checking out are the title track 'First Comes First' and 'Stop Breathing'.

Armed with all this info, Rosey embarked on an e-mail interview with Josh Paddington before their visit to Cambridge Junction on October 4th.

The Paddingtons - who, what and why?

The Paddingtons - Josh Hubbard - Guitar - 20
Tom Atkin - singer - 20
Lloyd Dobbs - bass - 22
Grant Dobbs - drums - 21
Marv Hines - guitar - 22

We formed through mutual friends. Marv and Lloyd met at college, Tom met Lloyd through going out in Hull, me and Tom have known each other since we were nippers and Grant is Lloyd's brother, and they have been playing together since they were kids.

What can the gentle punters of Cambridge expect when you play here in October?

A full on sweaty punk extravaganza, lot of poptastic punk dancing, come and get trolleyed with us!

How did the deal with Poptones come about?

We met Scarborough Steve (fifth member of the Libertines)at one of his gigs with his band The IVs in Scarborough. We got on with each other, he thought we had a bit of something about us. He got us some gigs in London, he knew Pete Doherty, Pete got us on at the Rhythm Factory, Alan Mcgee was down there, Tom gave him our demo, he offered us a single deal, which extended into an album deal, and that's pretty much that.

What puts you in a panic(apart from stupid e-mail fanzine interviews!)?

Nothing much really, we are quite laid back bunch on the whole, there have been certain incidents that have panicked us, the first one that comes to mind is when we realised Marv wouldn't be able to play the guitar for three months after he had an accident and cut his hand up. This happened a couple of weeks ago, so we had to find a stand in guitarist for a gig we had in Paris two days later. Thankfully a good friend of ours Stuee Le Page has been able to stand in and will be with us for the album tour. We tend to leave the majority of the panicking to our managers!

Who are the 4 best bands in Hull?

The Petty Thieves
The Morphines
City Ghosts

What can you tell us about the album, are you pleased with the way it's come out?

We are all really proud of it, its eleven songs, some from when we first started, some more recent, they are all essentially pop songs with a punky edge. Its out on October 24th and you should all have a listen and see what you think of it yourselves.

What was it like working with Owen Morris?

It was really intense. The man's a genius. It was three of the most enjoyable yet soul destroying weeks of my life. He pushed us to the edge in every way and it paid off.

Tell us about your collaboration with Hedi Slimane, head designer at Dior.

We have just kind of fallen into this whole fashion thing. Hedi has been really into the British music scene and he has been taking photos of us for months. We played his birthday party in Paris a few months ago and we all had a wicked night, he likes our music and he makes some cool clothes. He is a good guy to hang out with and he is real enthusiastic about what we do.


Punk or Indie? Discuss.

You know, I don't know, we have ties to both. We have all grown up listening to punk and indie, and they have influenced us in different ways. But fuck it, lets say punk!

Have you ever heard 'In the Rain' by The June Brides, as the start of '50 to a £'reminds me of it.

No, can't say I have, but I will certainly look out for it. There are only so many chords and so many ways in which you can play them. Anyone who says any different is full of shit.

What would you listen to on a train journey?

Train in vain by the Clash.

You have a long list of celeb fans. Do you feel you can maintain an identity separate from all those bands creeping out of Pete Doherty's shadow?

We feel we already have crept out of his shadow, he has done a lot for us and we are really grateful for his help, but at the end of the day, we are our own band and are gonna to do our own thing.

How are important are lyrics?

They are really important, without the lyrics you don't really know what the songs about, and that is important part of any paddingtons song. They all have a bit of a story/meaning to them.

Pete Doherty or Peter Taylor?

It depends what your after. If you want to go up two leagues in two seasons, then Taylor's the man for you, if you want a tip-top guy who writes some cracking tunes, then Doherty is a safe bet.

Finally, and most importantly, what's best, chips or cream buns?

Depends if you are in a savoury or sweet mood, I'd go for 70% chips 30% bun, or what about chips in a cream bun, that would fatten us up a bit!

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