Nicky Wire
Interview In November 2006 Plan B Issue 15

The Didactic revenge of...Nicky Wire
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What is the biggest misconception of the band?
"That we have no sense of humour"

The Most Over Used Adjective(s)?
"Anthemic, Didactic, Intelligent".

What was the most heinous lie told in an interview?
"I offered to supply heroin to The Stud Brothers when the most powerful drug I have ever done is paracetamol".

Do You Read your Own Press releases? Do you feel they represent you adequately?
"The best press releases are always a joint effort - at the start Richey wrote all our press releases".

What was the worst interview and/or photoshoot experience? What was the weirdest?
"Worst: Radio Exeter 1996, the DJ asked me if We wrote our only material. At the time Everything Must Go had sold a million copies! The weirdest press conference was Cuba, surrounded by 100 ravenous journalists".

(Pic Phil Rose, 1992)

Correct your worst misquote.
"'If Blackwood was a museum it would be full of rubble and shit' - it was attributed to me but Richey said it".

Has music criticism ever actually helped the band, even only in spotting a mistake or providing a second opinion?
"Yes, as a rule I prefer journalists to musicians. Jon Savage told me the other day that the Manics should rock more, which we are".

If you were lucky enough to be a music magazine editor, who would you feature and why? who would you put on the front cover?
"The Horrors, Jeremy Deller, The Afternoons, Bright Eyes, The Cardigans, Jeremy Paxman, Beat Happening. I would put McCarthy on the front cover, cos they are the greatest political band we ever had".

What do you do if a band who you don't like cite you as an influence?
"I feel guilty and decide I like them!"

(pic Swansea Brangwyn Hall 2005, BBC)

What's your favourite of your record covers and why?
"Know Your Enemy, the artwork is a fucking impossible mess, just like the record itself."

What ideas regarding 'direction' or presentation are you now glad you never followed?
"I wanted all the band to dress as women or gay cowboys".

Have you ever made a music video that actually expressed something about the band?
"Out of the 32 videos, six have hit the g spot. ADFL, Tolerate, You Love Us, Motorcycle Emptiness, Let Robeson Sing and Kevin Carter".

Are there any territories where you've never had any success?
"The USA is a complete dead zone for the Manics".

What product/service/organisation would you allow your music to advertise and why? what kind of film and/or scene would you most like to soundtrack?
"We would love to have our music used on The West Wing. I hate films but if pushed American History X. We have only ever allowed our music to be used on one advert for the Australian Tourist Board to promote the rugby world cup, and we gave ADFL to the welsh tourist board for free. I could never sink as low as Jack White."

(pic Latitude Festival 2006, BBC)

What's the most insane thing a fan has done to impress you?
"Write us letters in their own blood, over a sustained period."

What's the worst question you've ever been asked?
"'What's it like coming from England?' The answer was 'Fuck Off!'"