The Music
Live @ Carling Academy Oxford
June 27, 2008
Questionnaire & Photography: Steve Bateman

Upon The Music's return earlier this year, the inimitable band posted this positive and confident message on their Official MySpace page…

We've been together as people for most of our lives and as a band for the past 6 years. It's been a hell of a journey - Two albums and hundreds of gigs around the world which have been a pleasure to share with those of you who have been there.

Now is a particularly exciting time for us. Our lives have changed so much since we started this fresh from school and went straight on the road. The two years since our second album, Welcome To The North, have been challenging times. We've been working out who we are, sorting our personal lives and trying to push ourselves to write an album that we and other people can believe in. It's been a difficult process at times, but it's been well worth the struggle. The ideas and inspiration we're finding now are stronger than ever. This feels fresh and exciting and we can't wait to share what we're making with people.

We've always known that we can be a great band. Our ambition for our music spans way beyond where we've taken it so far, and in a way, it feels like we are just ending the first chapter of our story and turning the page to the start of the second. In that spirit we've just signed to a new label (Polydor). Finding a new home has been part of this feeling of renewal. It's invigorating to find people who share our passion and belief.

As a band, we don't feel like the music we are hearing and seeing out there is particularly exciting or inspiring. We want to be a part of changing that and hope with our next album we can bring something to the party that isn't out there at the moment.

Let's make these times special again.

See you out there

The Music

ot only does this succinctly sum up what Rob, Adam, Stu and Phil have been through in recent times, but more importantly, now that the four friends are all "working towards the same goal," it shows that their sights are set firmly on the future!

Due to the group's very busy schedule, unfortunately, a face-to-face interview wasn't possible at their phenomenal Oxford show (where the live photographs were taken). However, Carl @ Coalition did manage to persuade Stu to fill in a R*E*P*E*A*T e-mail Q&A, once the band had completed their touring and festival commitments in late August.

Offering a spectacular indie / rock / dance hybrid, admirably, with their second coming, The Music have found Strength In Numbers, and once again, they continue to remain in a league of their own…

Lucy: Your band have been quite quiet for the last few months. Are you looking forward to playing gigs again?
Katie Jane Garside: I think I give very obtuse ans

1. I know that some of The Music's aims are to "unify people and to change their lives." So how are you all feeling after the release of Strength In Numbers and completing a successful tour / run of festival dates?
"Very pleased. We didn't think that we would be releasing another album at one point, let alone tour the UK again. It's good to see that people are still into our music and appreciate what we do."

2. When The Music first emerged, there was a lot of expectation quickly thrust upon you by the music press - how did you cope with this and would you have preferred to have not been seen as a 'hyped band'?
"There was a lot of talk about us being the new Oasis, but that didn't really mean anything to us, it just brings pressure and false assumptions about the type of music we make. We never look at ourselves as a 'hyped band'."

3. I read that Depeche Mode were a big influence on many of your new songs, and as one of my most favourite groups ever, I wondered what it was that you took from their music / if you have any favourite DM tracks?
"The electro elements really made sense to us. We wanted to move away from basic drums, bass and guitar, and try something different and new to the way we write music. We also wanted to make a dark dance record and Depeche Mode do that better than anyone."

4. As a dance-based band yourselves, if you had to pick the ultimate 'Up For It' song and the ultimate 'Chill Out' song, what would they be?

"Open Up by Leftfield and Rabbit In Your Headlights by UNKLE."

5. Do you believe that rock 'n' roll is at its most interesting, when it incorporates other musical genres and pushes boundaries?
"Any music does that - any artist wants to push themselves. Trying new things or going in a different direction helps keep things fresh and interesting."

6. Are there any particular musicians who you wished were still alive and creating?
"Too many to mention, but people like Bob Marley, Hendrix and Kurt Cobain."

7. Interestingly, some songwriters believe that "songs are already there and it's their job to find them." Would you agree with this, and of all your songs, which are you most proud of and which do you think are the most overlooked?
"It's hard to say if they're already there, but it's an interesting way of looking at it. We are proud of all our songs except Breakin'. There's always things you would have done differently to songs, but that's chasing perfection - which is what we want to do. At our recent shows, the song with one of the best reactions has been Welcome To The North, more so than on the tours back in 2004 / 2005."

8. A lot of your songs have memorable guitar riffs, but if you were asked to submit one track for use in the popular video game Guitar Hero, which one would you go for?

"Welcome To The North."

9. Much has been made about the future of The Music Industry, but for you personally, what do you think would be the best thing that could happen?

"People loving records again and not just craving for the odd tune off an album. There's nothing better than a CD collection, having the artwork and CD in your hands, rather than an image and MP3 on your computer."

10. Rob's MySpace blogs are often very philosophical, but do you believe in destiny, or do you think you make your own path in life?

"I think you make your own path in life… At the end of the day, the choices you make effect you."

11. Of all your achievements to date, which are you most proud of?
"Headlining the White Stage at Fuji Rock this year was a special moment. Releasing our third record was a big achievement and turning point for us. Just being able to travel the world and seeing people loving our music anywhere we go is a big achievement, and something to be proud of."

12. Lastly, chips or cream buns?
"Cream buns."

A very special thanks to Stu, to Carl @ Coalition and to Rosey, for all of their time and help.

Oxford Set List

Take The Long Road And Walk It
The Spike
Freedom Fighters
Jag Tune
Strength In Numbers
The Truth Is No Words
Welcome To The North
Get Through It
The People
No Weapon Sharper Than Will
Bleed From Within

"Strength in numbers, no-one will come between us"

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