- e-mail interview by Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T,
June 08.

"Degenerate dicsodronefreaks"-Holly Davies,The Fly...."Post-modern, performance art"-Planet Notion....."Sleazy disco-punk duo who have become darlings of the Cambridge underground after only a handful of gigs and house parties. Expect high fashion and theatrics."-Crushing Death and Grief ..... "Who's been listening to too much Alan Vega then?"-Attila The Stockbroker...."A charity shop Ladytron" Simon Baker, Green Mind

We thought that it was time for Micropenis to speak for themselves...


** Micropenis - who, what and why?
Louise- girl forced into band by ex, 2 years later producing arty farty euro pop
Russell-Louise Murphy and Russell Taysom, a band, because we are compelled to express our ideas and aesthetics and because we love pop music.

Live at the Portland, Photo by Sadie

* Describe your sound to a deaf, underendowed alien
Louise- Irish girl singing over a drum machine. songs written by blonde boy
Russell-Pop Music

* Who are your heroes / inspirations?
Louise-F Scott Fitzgerald, i love him, 60s garage, skins
Russell-The Vichy Government, The Resistance, Shampoo

* 'Post modern ironic performance art - what a load of (undersized) bollocks'. Discuss
Louise- were trying to be good but people keep thinking were trying to be funny- were not honestly this is the best of our talents
Russell-Yes that review was fucking bollocks, we are in no way ironic

* How will the world (or that of your listeners) be made better by Micropenis?
Louise-the worlds never made better by music but maybe we'll end up in a compiliation of bands from east anglia in 30 years time and inspire youths in great yarmouth to dance to the beat of a drum machine
Russell-I don't know if it will. We're only interested in presenting art it's up to the listener what they get from it. I overhead some people forming a band because they "couldn't be worse than Micropenis" so that's a positive reaction. Really though once you start taking in to consideration how something will be perceived, you've lost.

* Who or what was the inspiration for 'Commie Students'?
Louise- kings college, cambridge
Russell-People who define themselves by what newspaper they read, the lazy, self congratulating middle classes.

* What do you listen to when hoovering?

Louise- i have someone to hoover for me
Russell-I hate the sound of the Hoover, I always play a tape my friend Jed made me that has Poison Girls, Turbowanker and If Robin Dies on when I have to hoover and I like it really loud so I don't hear the hoover anymore.

* What are yr plans for world domination?

Louise-we could make everyone sick and tell them the only cure is listening to micropenis in a very bright room
Russell-We don't have any plans for world domination. Most of the world is populated by idiots, we don't want to dominate idiots we want to inspire the exceptional.

* What was the last CD / track you bought?

Louise-- the best of the 13th floor elevators i put it on the kitchen cd player and my house mate threw it out later
Russell-The Last CD I got was The Vichy Government-White Elephant though I didn't buy it I was very kindly given it. I can't recommend it enough. The last record I bought was Electric Eels-Die.

Photo by Lee Greatorex Ramone

* What is your favourite clip on youtube?
Louise- i dont have a computer and am denied you tube access at work but apparently there is an xrated version of you tube with phone vidoes of teenagers shagging, I'd like to watch that -HOT
Russell-Lee Greatorex's film adventures close to home at www. youtube. com/user/leegreatorex

* How can our readers get hold of yr music - and why should they bother?
Louise- i think through a computer were not that exciting, I'd wait to hard copy
Russell-They can find it at www.filthylittleangels.com or www.myspace.com/ilovemicropenis. They should bother because we are the most exciting new band they will hear this year.

* Chips or cream buns?



* Well, sadly with the growth of the British National Party there's a need to do it all again, and only the other week the NME run a huge issue on it and gave out a CD with lots o