Max Headroom
Email interview June 2022

After years of treading the boards in Cambridgeshire pubs as a cover band Max Headroom could play Mr Brightside, I Predict A Riot and many other indie classics in their sleep. However, with debut single Gimme Something, Max Headroom are now finally curing their creative itch. But can these best bros write a great tune? You bet they can! It’s time to buckle up for Max Headroom's exciting adventure!


Max Headroom - who, what and why?
Mark : When we first started out as a covers band 7/8 years ago our original guitarist was a lorry
driver and Dan being a lorry driver would pay attention to a lot of Max Headroom road signs and originally thought Max Headroom and The Car Parks was a fun name, especially for a little wedding band. This was later shortened to Max Headroom after a couple of complaints from pub landlords about having to write our name on chalk boards! Along the way we later found out that Max Headroom and The Car Parks was also a wacky comedy thing from the 80’s but we decided stuff it, we’ll keep on as we are.

Describe your sound to an out of touch alien.
Mark : It’s not just some strange white noise, it’s also an energy source for the body designed to make you feel good.
Drew : Big singalong choruses, big guitars. It’s feel good relatable music.

What can you tell us about Gimme Something?
Mark : Musically it was our very first jam. We’d tried a song I took to rehearsal and it was “ok”
then Drew smashed out the Bass riff and it Gimme Something just took off. It’s very deliberately
geared to our audience so we could slip it in next to Seven Nation Army for example and we’d
hope people wouldn’t mind too much. So far so good!

Formally you've been a covers band, is this you planning to branch out?
Mark : Yes definitely, this feels like the next step for us. Max Headroom has had several line ups
through the years, the only constants being myself and Drew and we never really felt like doing
originals with this band, but then when Edd joined something changed. I put it down to all of us
being lifelong friends so the vibe between the three of us is just like being brothers, couple that with us coming out swinging after lockdown rules were relaxed and crowds being grateful to
receive live music it all just feels like one big ball of good will that’s gaining momentum and that’s something we want to harness.
Drew : Yeah, people always asked us if we’d written our own songs and we always thought it
could be something pretty great and now we’ve finally made the time to do it. At our gigs we’ve
been playing Gimme Something and I’ve felt an enormous sense of pride at people’s reaction to
it. We hope our other new songs will be received as well as Gimme Something.


All the band members have their own impressive pedigrees from bands across the years. How does what you're doing now fuse and colour these? Gimme Something certainly doesn't sound like Marks' previous duo, Elma...
Mark : Max Headroom is definitely a step away from Elma haha! Personally I have always
preferred being in rock bands, I get a lot of satisfaction from all the music I do but rocking out is still and has always really been where it’s at for me. I think my time writing songs for Elma and working with Boo Hewerdine on some of that project really sharpened my song writing tools and
bringing that knowledge and experience into a more collaborative environment will hopefully
benefit what we do. In Elma the arrangements were often quite elaborate with horn sections and
strings on the album and I think that will also benefit Max Headroom going forward, the write
guitar part/overall arrangement can really make or break a song.
Drew : We all have our individual influences but they all gel really well. From Marks ventures to
Edds grungier efforts in Nuke The Wales through to my Pop Punk rock influences in After Effect/
Finding Ana. Combine them all together and it seems to create something that feels like an
unstoppable hybrid that shows off all of our individual features.

How does playing solo / in duos and acoustic compare with having a band with you?

Mark : I really enjoy it! For a lot of years I tried being a solo artist but in reality I knew my voice wasn’t strong enough and that really effected my confidence which of course effected my
performance and my output. Elma taught me that stepping back and working with a great singer
can be just as fun and could let my songs shine and there’s huge satisfaction in that. Max
Headroom is like that x 10! Drew’s voice to me is epic and his charisma on stage is second to
none when the stars align and all together we have each others back, so if one of us is having a
down day the others are there to pick you up. It’s so great.
Drew : There’s way less restrictions being in a band I find and combing all of our experience really helps us put the songs together.

Thinking of bands you've covered, if you were playing festival, which 3 acts (living or dead) would you like to support you?

Mark : To support us?... well I’d feel incredibly guilty and be overcome by imposter syndrome but
definitely Weezer (this will surprise none of my friends), The Killers, The Strokes.
Drew : Manic Street Preachers, Smashing Pumpkins and Bon Jovi (20 years ago).

Who are your heroes / heroines - musical, artistic, literary, political...?
Mark : It would be too obvious and easy to say The Beatles... but they were a big part of my
childhood. I’d definitely put Dave Grohl in there, I just finished reading his Storyteller book and
found it utterly inspiring. Plus his work ethic is stupidly impressive and he’s a lovely guy! I don’t
know if I have a specific political hero but I am longing for change and for us to get back to a fair and less hateful society some day!

Are there plans for an album? If so can you give us any exclusive info on it? Will it sound like Gimme Something or will it be varied?

Mark : The current plan is to release two EPs before going for a full album. Certainly the first EP will be like Gimme Something, big riffs, fun singalong choruses but I’m excited to see where we
go as we find our feet in the world of our own songs!
Drew : We have written the majority of our EP Which we are hoping for an October release. It will be a similar energy to Gimme Something and hopefully just as catchy!

What have you all learnt from your time around 'the biz'? What advice would have for a year 6 band I work with?
Mark : I’ve been burned a few times so I would say... Yes be excited, but don’t be afraid to ask
questions or seek advice. It’s easy to get swept up in the moment and get over excited or commit
to something. Stand your ground, think about what’s best for you and your music.
Drew : Never give up, take any criticism as advice and learn from it. Remember that everyone has
their own individual taste in music.

How can people hear your music? Why should they bother?
Mark : You can hear Gimme Something on all streaming sites Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal etc. Our music is designed for people to party to and have a good time. So if you like smiling and dancing (even if it’s just bobbing your head) that’s why you should bother.

What's next for Max Headroom?
Mark : Well, we are still a covers band too so this summer sees us playing lots of beer festivals, weddings, parties and all that jazz and yes, we play Mr Brightside a lot! However, come the autumn there are some live dates planned to air our originals. Watch this space!
Drew : Our second single Take Me Home will be released in September and EP should be ready
for launch by October. We’re going to play loads of shows and continue to have the best time!

If you wanted me to give you something, what would it be?
Mark : A gig in Wales!
Drew : Black Gibson Les Paul Custom and a lifetime of good luck!

What's best, chips or cream buns?
Mark : Definitely chips! Covered in too much salt, too much ketchup and sat on the quay side at
Wells Next To the Sea. Nothing better than that!
Drew : Cream buns, no icing on top though, preferably fresh!

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