Interview with
Larrikin Love
by Joe 90
14.10.06, Cambridge Corn Exchange

Walking into Larrikin loves dressing room its quite obvious that there's not going to be much of a interview here, fresh from celebrating guitarist's Micko Larkin's birthday, they seem a little worse for wear..

So, what's the story behind Larrikin Love?
Edward: Erm, we just released our first album, and that was two weeks ago so we're fresh.

Right. So, how would you describe yourself to someone that's never heard Larrikin Love before?
Edward: Hmm, junk-pop? WAIT NO.. Musical

Its all going swimmingly, but at this point in walks 'Pete', their sound tech, who I'm told is fresh from prison. Ahem.

How's the tour been so far?
Edward: Yeah its been fun, the crowds have been great but we had to have a bit of a break because Luke (kooks vocalist) was ill, which was a shame because we were looking forward to the Brighton show.

How has the reaction been to the album so far?
Edward: Press reaction has been good, and commercially its been alright. Our reaction is that we want to move on, which we know is really early to say but some bands are willing to tour out an album for 2 or 3 years, but we're not.

At this point Edward calls a break in the interview to discuss my lip ring, and he tells the others that I've fallen into some "lip metal". Right, moving on..

What has it been like recording under label pressure? Did they try and control the bands sound?
Edward: Well they kinda tried but we have nice label behind us so they just let us get on with it really.

Are you looking forward to the Dirty Pretty Things tour in December?
Edward: We're touring with the Dirty Pretty Things?
Micko: Yeah, didn't you know?
Edward: Um, yeah I'm up for that then.

Finally, what's next for Larrikin Love?
Edward: Well it looks like we're touring with the Dirty fucking Pretty Things..
Micko: OH! And a couple of December shows with The Pogues at Brixton Academy, which should be fun.

And with that, I leave, with the band telling me how bad they feel because they weren't very responsive, but as its Micko's birthday, can I let them off?

Thanks to Claire at Hall or Nothing for setting things up...

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