R*E*P*E*A*T gig interview
Cambridge Junction, 13.12.07

No room at the inn - Inme and Joey.

Joey Eyebank Ramone talks to Inme at R*E*P*E*A*T's first ever 'big band' gig, and talks to them about being the best Emo-melodic-rock-progressive-grunge-metal-screamo-nu-metal-emotive post-hardcore-post-grunge trio in the world.



Joey Eyebank: So your new album "DayDream Anonymous" was released on September the 10th, how do you think it's been received by the media?
InME: (Simon) Really good so far!
Greg Mcpherson: Couldn't be better, I have the uh phone in my hand, very nice.
Dave Mcpherson: We are very, very happy with they way Daydream Anonymous has been received, not only by obviously the fanbase(the people that really matter) but by magazines etc as well; I think for a while we became a very un-cool band within the media, and for whatever reason, we used to look very posey…
Joey: The red hair days?
Dave: Yeah exactly! I used to look like a soppy tosser, but there's a new line up now and a bit of a change of direction musically, and it's been quite a scary time but we've got nothing to loose really. Pretty much every magazine gave us a nice review, even the NME gave quite a good review which is nice, well nicer than the previous two,
Joey: Really?
Greg: Yeah it's strange; I mean they are the "enemy".
Dave: Yeah I think it's strange, and a lot of the reviews we agree with as well, which is a nice feeling, and also because we are more mature now.
Greg: We got a good review in Metal Hammer! For the other two we got 2 out of ten,
Dave: No it wasn't, your un-educated on that matter anyway so shut it!
Greg: (laughs)
Dave: for Daydream in Metal Hammer we got 8 out of 10.
Simon: What did we get for the second?
Dave: 2 out of 10, you just said, anyway who cares?

Joey: Correct me if I'm wrong, you wrote this album when you had no label and no manager and this possibly could have ended the band's career, there were also some life struggles for Dave I believe, what kept you going and still standing?
Dave: No, your right. We all suddenly had to get some "normal" jobs that we didn't like, purely because we are not very educated and I think basically we just felt like we didn't take the advantage of the situation before to its fullest because we didn't really know what we had, we just wanted to have that one last chance and we still had a few contacts within the industry and that's how we got in contact with our new management who is also head of our new label and I think getting away from everything helped us create an album that was a lot more pure and riveting; we could just do an album that we wanted to make and then we could just give it to the management in its entirety and having a management that wants it solely how it is rather than to control our sound to what they think it should be.
Greg: "Sellable"

Joey: You've been described as grunge, nu-metal, emo, prog-rock, screamo and metal which genre, if any, would you say you're closest too? And describe it too a brain-dead, burberry wearing Alien?

Greg: Ol-grungey
Dave: Burberry wearing brain-dead Alien! I don't care about the music I would be more interested in asking him questions, well I suppose that's where the chav originated! Well we are a Emo-melodic-rock-progressive-grunge-metal-screamo-nu-metal-emotive post-hardcore-post-grunge trio, (laughs), nah I think we are just a melodic rock band that just do our own thing and push ourselves to anything really. And Progs a dirty word you can't really say that it would be more...technical, technical's a nice word, I'd like to think ourselves as being technical.

Joey: What do you think of some of the popular music scenes around at the moment such as emo or indie? And how do feel about the media associating you with them?
Dave: I think that in the emo genre, aside from all that whining and what have you, I think there are a lot of good bands in those scenes.
Greg: They don't need to all look the same though. If by indie you mean like "Kaiser Chiefs" then yeah I do like it, Kaiser Chiefs are a very cool, catchy band.
Dave: But then I very much dislike that band who just repeat "She's so lovely", Scouting for Girls, I'm sure they're lovely guys and I'm not having a go, but their music just totally doesn't float my boat, and there's all these kind of new indie bands who keep saying lyrics like "Oh but she was fitter, and then I went down the club and we got well drunk" it is mainly just a current thing and it will just go away soon hopefully, because it's not very imaginative.

Joey: When you write songs do you know yourselves which of them will definitely be hits at your shows and big songs for the band?
Dave: No, because we thought that "I Won't let go"…
Greg: Yeah, we went with the single we thought would be big, chose it and realised no one really liked it.
Dave: Well I think people do, it's just hard to know what will have appeal, obviously songs like "Underdose" and "Faster the Chase" are pretty much the favourites, I think that would have been obvious.
Greg: Although on this album it's turned out that people like the same songs on this album that we originally did and thought people wouldn't like.
Simon: Which is nice.

Joey: You don't usually do "one off" gigs so what swayed you to do this one?
Greg: Ohh a bit of cash around Christmas time!!
Simon: That is the honest answer.
Dave: I think it's nice to do one-off gigs because I think on the one hand the band wont be as tight because you're not in the flow of touring all day, but I think that gives it a nice spontaneous feel and it does make the show a bit more unique, and especially around Christmas it's nice to do one-off shows because everyone's a bit more celebratory because they're all finishing school and stuff, so a lot more get to come down and rock with us.
Greg: I don't care if it's on tour or off tour I just like doing shows.
Dave: Personally I don't think we do enough shows although I think we overplayed the U.K a bit, two tours back to back.

Joey: If you weren't here what would you be doing instead?
Dave: Sitting at home twiddling my thumbs, me and Greg go down the gym a bit. Simon does a bit of work here and there, Greg plays a lot of poker and a lot of chess, I hang out with my missus. I also cook, a lot.
Simon: You'll find me in the pub!!!!!

Joey: When you were teenagers is this the life you though you would lead?
Dave: Yes but not quite like this!
Greg: You have this idea when you're a teenager that if you make an album you'll live in a mansion and drive a Rolls Royce, but the reality is not quite like that. But we're still doing music.
Dave: You know, we're skint but if you play a genre of music that we do then your going to be skint, but we're just about surviving.
Greg: Also when you're young you have a very glamorous opinion of the industry.
Dave: I think it would just break us as people if we weren't doing music anyway.

Joey: What are the future plans for InME?
Dave: The future plans are……….well we need to have our meeting with our management but there is talk of Europe and Japan tours in 2008 and obviously it's good to do Europe.
Joey: Are you doing France, because you've got a big fanbase there?
Dave: I hope so because there's a lot of demand there, apparently there's a lot of demand in Australia as well which is interesting but it's expensive to go over there, so we'll just work our way through Europe and spread the word a bit.

Joey: What will you be doing for Christmas?
Dave: Family things, you know, loved ones.
Simon: Same as everyone else.
Dave: Getting serious, nice Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes and watery eyes from the dog allergies.

Joey: Are you excited about tonight?
Dave: Yeah definitely, I've been doing a lot of solo shows and they're a lot mellower so it'll be nice to make some real loud distorted noise tonight!
Greg: It'll be nice to play.
Dave: Yeah, it's good to rock out again after a little bit of a break!
Joey: Good Luck
InME: Cheers.

Thanks to Vicky Langham at Northern Music for organising the interview, Gary, Rob and Steve at The Junction and thanks to inME for doing it and playing our humble gig!!!

* Well, sadly with the growth of the British National Party there's a need to do it all again, and only the other week the NME run a huge issue on it and gave out a CD with lots o