Cambridge Junction, 26.10.06

An interview by Joey Eyebank Ramone

1. Joe: so how's the tour been going so far?
Dave (vocals, lead guitarist): Unreal! Can't complain really every shows been a blast and this is Greg's first tour with us as well!
And he's fitting in really well; I think everything we strive to achieve with this tour I think we have now, succeeded in doing.
Greg (Bass, backing vocals): Its cool being away for this long!
"Greg gets up to open a bottle of beer and searches around for a bottle opener and tries to open it on the table ledge"
Dave: Greg I've got a bottle opener right here you Muppet!
"Greg opens bottle and sits down for another instalment of questions!

2. Joe: when can we expect some new material from inme?
Dave: There's a possibility that we might put some rough demos up just to keep our fans happy for a bit but its possible that it might be next summer before we actually get something going like I say we wont go into detail but I feel we've achieved what we want to with this tour we've found out that our fan base is still there and we've wanted the label to get into us again and that's happened as well so I reckon next summer next year we will release something!

3. Joe: the last album "white butterfly" Had some mellower more tender tunes than your first album "overgrown edan" are the new songs taking on that more acoustic vibe in "white butterfly or are you going for something different?
Dave: We've definitely got a bit heavier and edgier as you'll probably here tonight! There are a few slow ones but I do think that an album needs to have a few slow ones.
Simon (drums): Every person has a soft side!
Dave: But there are a lot more technical, edgier, metal moments to this album!

4. Joe: How has Joe (the original bassist) leaving and Greg (the new bassist) entering the band affected Inme?
Dave: I don't think Joe was enjoying it as much as me and Simon anymore and that was affecting everything! And I think he just had other aspirations, he just wanted to do something else with his life which is fair enough but me and Simon don't really want to do anything else. We immediately suggested Greg and now he's in and I just think not in a negative way or anything but I feel the band is stronger without him than its ever been!
Joe: do you still know him?
Dave: Yeah! We still sit down at the pub and have a chat; I think he might even come down to a show!

5. Joe: what are your hopes for the new album?
Dave: Just to get rid of some people's perceptions of what we were before really
I don't think "overgrown edan" and "white butterfly" quite pushed this band
And I think we were too young when we got signed. But this album, if people give it a proper listen I think we'll establish ourselves as a proper band, a band worth listening too and a band not surrounded by any kind of hype!

6. Joe: What bands are you into at the moment?

Dave: I'm into Sixth and I'm into Plan B, Squarepusher and electronica!

7. Joe: What's it like touring with Brigade and Death for a Day?
Greg: It's terrible! (Laughs)
Dave: There the sweetest guys in the world and they played a gig before the tour local to us (brigade) and I went down there to kind of see what they were like! and there just great guys also there also a great band and there's no gimmicks to them there just straight out rock! Its just been a real fun tour with them because its horrible when you've got some egotistical band walking around it puts a bad tense to the tour and we haven't had any of that! Its a shame there leaving early really!

7. Joe: What do you listen to on the tour bus on the way down?
Greg: We listen to what the driver wants to listen to! Which is mainly Foo
Fighters? But he sometimes listens to Squarepusher which is cool.
Simon: We don't really listen to anything!
Greg: We play poker.
Simon: Or we write our own dodgy Essex techno!
Dave: We have a poker table laid out so we just play against each other and try and win each others money!
Simon: I usually win!

8. Joe: Apparently you've been having loads of weird phone calls, do you want to tell us about them?
Greg: That was me!(laughs)
Dave: He's this absolute dickhead to be honest who seems to think I care about him and he rang me up on my birthday and threatened to kill me but he hasn't tried yet but I'd like to see what happens if he does! But his number has been given to the police for harassment and death threats!

9. Joe: What was the first song you learnt to play?
Simon: the first song I learnt on the drums was probably "acid drop"!
its a terrible song but I was 13.
Dave: Mine was "Come as you are" by Nirvana.
Greg: That's also what I first learnt on bass but I first learnt to play on piano "Bach: The Orphan Girl" its a wonderful piece!

10. Joe: If you were to burn a compilation c.d of your favourite tracks what would be on it? five tracks each!
Dave: Talk talk: I believe in you
Plan B: couldn't get along
Pink Floyd: High hopes
The Police: So lonely
Bon Jovi: living on a prayer
Greg: Opeth: Reith
Pink Floyd: Coming back to life
Bjork: Hunter
Tu-mera: Blood
Billy talent: Devil in a midnight mass
Simon: Avenged sevenfold: Beast and the harlot
Led zeppelin: Black dog
ACDC: Back in black
Radiohead: Paranoid Android
Radiohead: High and Dry

11. Joe: Chips or cream buns?
Greg: Chips in cream buns!
Dave: Just chips
Simon: Chips
Greg: Cream buns from the bakery in essex!
Dave: Nah! Chips
Greg: You get these cream buns from the essex bakery, with icing on the top and chocolate round the edge!
Simon: Which bakery?
Greg: The bakery
Simon: What the dodgy bakery with the owner that employs 14 year old girls?
Greg: Yeah they make nice cream buns though!

Thanks to InMe for their time, to Dave McPherson for sorting things out and Rob Tinkler, Simon Baker and everyone else at The Junction who helped.

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