An interview with
Fighting With Wire
By Glitterbitch

Lucy: Your band have been quite quiet for the last few months. Are you looking forward to playing gigs again?
Katie Jane Garside: I think I give very obtuse ans

After a triumphant debut at this years' Reading festival full of humour, passion, power and honesty I caught up with Cahir and Craig from Fighting With Wire, one of the most exciting bands to come out of Derry since…ever. I am made aware instantly by their manager that time is short as they have a pressing engagement with Radio 1 shortly after but the band assures me that both interviews are of equal importance and, despite their raucous stage presence, it is this humility and warmth that makes an instant and lasting impression.

An impression has also been made sincerely on the band and I am met by two genuinely happy and excited men who can't wait to talk about the festival which Cahir describes as "probably the best experience I've had to date playing in any show, on tour, whatever, that was something special. We've always wanted to play Reading and Leeds and it's Craigs' birthday today as well so a very special day all round." The sense of occasion and what this means for the band has certainly not been lost on them and with much pride Cahir goes on to explain; "I always looked at the Reading festival and thought 'oh my God'; from Nirvana and stuff playing here, all major bands have played this festival, for us to get here and do it is fantastic, we're over the moon about it, the rest of the festivals were great but we were looking at those as a warm up for this."

The sense of occasion and enjoyment is certainly not a one sided feeling and the band seemed to have stirred something within even the most unlikely candidates. Cahir explains - "It was weird because one of the security guards walked past me and said 'good show mate' and I was like 'that doesn't really happen'. I was totally dumb founded, I was like (high pitched voice) 'thanks' so it was a real rapport with them and the crowd…it was amazing just looking out and so many people came to check our band out and that was fantastic. There was a really good vibe to look out and everybody actually just standing watching this band going mental and the mosh pit or circle pit or whatever the fuck you call them, that was just special".

Not only are Fighting With Wire highly emotive and entertaining both on record and on stage but they are also sending out a clear message that they are going to do things on their terms. As Craig says "We want to let people know that there is an alternative to all the Emo shite that's around these days and really fucks me off." Unlike many bands who just keep quiet or do their best to confirm to the mould of the current scene, Fighting With Wire are ready to speak out and stick two fingers up at the established labels and press who perpetuate the current self gratifying and hopelessly soulless scene. Cahir - "at this point when I honestly think the music scene is suffering and if I hear one more fucking indie band from the UK with tight jeans on I'm gonna slit my fucking wrists. Instead of killing myself I thought let's get this band, play rock music, we're a rock band, we're not Emo, we're not punk, we're not fucking whatever else, we're just a rock band. We love Nirvana, we love early nineties rock music, it's not grunge, it's none of that bullshit, it's just fucking rock music, it's 3 people making rock music."

Neither Craig nor Cahir fear pointing the finger at those they believe should be held responsible and neither appear to have any concerns about the repercussions either. It is refreshing to hear a band who believe more in their values than their publicity. Cahir - "I blame fuckers like the NME for that (style over substance), but that's just my opinion." Craig - "It's a fashion magazine, there's fuck all music in it." Cahir - "If he's got an amazing haircut and looks like a fucking diabetic maniac who's got no fucking life - that's the front cover. Who can take the most amount of drugs and look like a fucking scum bag that's what that is all about. What an example to set for the youth of today. Bastards."

Fighting With Wire really are the antithesis of everything they hate. Their music has purpose, drive and connects instantly. The do not look like they have their own designer who dresses them and does their make up in the morning. Their words make sense, they are heartfelt, honest and believable and when I ask them the impression they want to leave on their fans it is not the same commercially driven bullshit you hear everywhere else. Craig's message is clear - "Don't follow a fad and make your own mind up. Just cause someone is wearing a studded belt and some pointy shoes and a pair of tight jeans doesn't mean you have to." Cahir follows his band mates sentiments- "Honesty is the way forward because in music there's too much bullshit, there's too much fucking theatre, there's too much fucking 'yeah they don't really have a hit song but they look great, let's sign those guys up'.

From September onwards the band will be playing non-stop through a UK, Irish and American tour because, as Cahir says, "we want to tour, we want to do it right, we want to get our heads down and work fucking hard at this. It's not bullshit. We're not looking to get into coke habits and act like fucking rock star pricks, that shit fucking makes me sick. We're as honest a band as you're going to get really today." Believe it and believe the hype. Fighting With Wire are a monster coming for you with some amazing songs and wise words who might just help to upset the current established order. Join them because there really is strength in numbers.

Words : Glitter Bitch
Pix : Phil O'Kane - website here
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