UK Tour
May 2008
Questionnaire & Photography: Steve Bateman

Just before the release of Feeder's rocking new LP Silent Cry, R*E*P*E*A*T grabbed 5 minutes with Drummer Mark Richardson

Lucy: Your band have been quite quiet for the last few months. Are you looking forward to playing gigs again?
Katie Jane Garside: I think I give very obtuse ans

1. Silent Cry is one of my most anticipated album releases of 2008, but has there ever been a record that you just couldn't wait to buy and listen to?
"That would have to be Piece Of Mind by Iron Maiden."

2. Are you glad that Feeder have been able to grow and develop in the traditional way, as opposed to how The Music Industry is now beginning to operate?
"It's always good to be able to grow. The Music Industry is getting more and more disposable, so we've had an opportunity that is increasingly rare."

3. Can you remember when you received your first royalties cheque, and what you spent this on?

"It was in 1992 and I bought a round of drinks!"

4. As a group with a famed live reputation, what's the best and the worst gig that you've ever played?

"Best gig - supporting U2 in Italy. Worst gig - Festivals in the rain!"

5. What are your Tour Bus Essentials?

"Ear plugs, my iPod, toilet roll and a good book."

6. Has the band surpassed your expectations / what have been some of your personal highlights over the years?
"Reading Festival 03, supporting U2 in Italy and the Fuji Rock Festival are some of the highlights."

7. Ideally, how would you like Feeder to be remembered?
"We'll be remembered for the tracks Buck Rogers and Just A Day."

8. What's the biggest lesson that your career has taught you?
"Enjoy it while it lasts!"

A very special thanks to Mark, and to Tom @ Hall or Nothing, for all of their time and help.



"We are the people who let this whole thing go
Just like the people you know
We are the reason, we're blinded by the goal
We are the people you know"

wers to questions...It's never about looking forward to it. Actually maybe I should change the
script, maybe we are looking forward to it. (Laughs). It'srough it and find where I land after that. That's what will happen.

Lucy: 'Taxidermy' and 'Drink Me' are quite drastically different in their musical styles, so what kind of sound can we expect from the 3rd album?
KJG: We don't know yet. We're playing a lot of new material tonight so you'll be able to judge that for yourself. When I'm this close up to it, it's really difficult to tell. I'm on a bit of a negative s