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Feeder’s Taka Hirose answers questions from Glitterbitch of R*E*P*E*A*T fanzine…

Despite their Echo Label ceasing operations, Feeder continue to make a big noise.They started up their own label Big Teeth Music and while bedding in a new drummer, spent time on a side project called Renegades before releasing their seventh studio album, also called Renegades (2010), which peaked at number 16 on the albums chart. This will be followed up in 2011 with their eighth studio album later in the year. Alongside their album chart entries, Feeder also have a total of 20 top 40 hit singles, plus appearances in either chart in three separate decades being the 1990's, the 2000's and the 2010's. According to Kerrang! magazine, Feeder are "One of the most successful British bands of the past decade".


Lucy: Your band have been quite quiet for the last few months. Are you looking forward to playing gigs again?
Katie Jane Garside: I think I give very obtuse ans


GB: With the Renegades project, why did you feel the need to do something different?
TH: Got bored. Good for the band and our fans.

GB: Would you try it again?
TH: You never know because it was such fun.

GB: Whose idea was the video for the single Renegades?
TH: The director for that video was the person who designed our album cover. So, it was an obvious way for him to go!

GB: Do you feel more of an urge now to rebel?
TH: Not really but the music business has been really tough. Need to shout or scream a bit!

GB: Do you think politics and social statements should be kept separate from music?
TH: Music is Music. What comes along is that is “it’s up to them”.

GB: Was it tough when Echo announced they would be ceasing operations?
TH: Obviously it was tough because everyone at the label was worrying about their next job.

GB: How has it been starting up your own label?
TH: Good but bloody tough.

GB: You have made a varying range of albums in terms of style and mood; you have two albums planned for this year, what should we expect from them?
TH: Though we didn’t plan it, Renegades was a quite rocky album. Next one will be more well mixed. I think…

GB: When you set out with Feeder was there a big overriding goal and, if so, have you achieved it yet?
TH: You never ever achieve enough.

GB: What one thing do you still hope that Feeder can achieve that you haven’t already?
TH: Beat Take That and get No.1 album.

GB: The first time I ever saw Feeder play was supporting Terrorvision at Nottingham Rock City when you were all clad in orange boiler suits and the set list, which I still have, included songs such as Chicken on a Bone and My Perfect Day. Do you have any memories of that gig or the tour in general?
TH: Yep. Lots.

GB: How hard did you find it to get support slots with established bands?
TH: It’s hard enough because every new band was chasing for it.

GB: How hard did you have to work to get that initial ‘breakthrough’?
TH: You need lots of hard work and luck

GB: Was there a moment back then that you would define as your ‘big break’?
TH: The single was on TV. Playing at the main stage for big festivals.

GB: Would you like to be able to feel the experience of those early days again?
TH: Yes but it will never happen again…

GB: What are the chances of hearing Shade or other songs from that era at The Junction in February? Can’t Dance To Disco?
TH: Send us money for the request…

GB: And finally, how do I convince you to allow my band, in the same place you were in in the early 90s, to support you on tour??? We’d love it if you’d just have a listen... (www.screamingdaisies.co.uk )
TH: You have to sleep with our manager…

Thanks to Taka for his time and Alex at Authority for fixing things up.


Feeder February 2011 tour dates are in the video below


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