Mark Richardson was interviewd by Marc Bowen
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What’s the first single/album you ever bought?

The first single I ever bought was ‘Run To The Hills’ By Iron Maiden, and the first album I bought was by Genesis which had Phil Collins on lead vocals.

Which one of the forthcoming UK/European tour dates you look forward to the most?

Brixton I think. I love Manchester Apollo and I’ve never played Glasgow Academy.

In the past I have been thinking of taking up the drums and continue practicing the Guitar at the same time. How would I go about it? And how could I start?

I think it’s the same as any goal. The goals are there and you’re here-the only way you are going to get there is to take the first step. Just find someone who can take lessons with-Just find a way of putting some action into it and do something about it-Anything is possible in this world!!!



Pushing The Senses


Grace, 12 December 2005

Grace chats via the wonderful world of the www. Internet thing. In my exclusive Interview with FEEDER’S frontman, and I am so chuffed to ickle bits and so pleased the PR company got back to me. Special thanks to Gillian Porter Feeder’s Regional Press, and to Grant for his time. Just Chuffed.

From G (People call me G too is that a nickname or sheer laziness?) Grace. Also….. I was lucky enough to have a lengthy chat with Grant at Birmingham Carling Academy as Gillian kindly got me on the guestlist, (I was 3rd on the list out of about 300 people!! I suddenly hid when Grant came like when he came out really pathetic looking back so nice he was he followed me until I said ‘’Hello’’

He said ‘’You hiding from me Christ that’s a first’’, ‘’Usually girls throw themselves at me’’ I am just so in awe of his songwriting ability he’s a real hero for my songs 9I write songs too),. ‘’I said I am because I am scared of saying something stupid and girly, but can I just say one thing?’’ ‘’Sure’’ (with a wink and a chuckle), ‘’I was too scared and shy to meet Bono so I’m with you on that one’’, shaking my hand off then following the biggest bear hug out. Laughing we were about it. ‘’I think besides Bono you’re the best British songwriter ever, If I ever get one thing to say to you that’ll be it’’, ‘’Wow that’s so nice thanks very much to be talked to like that means so much thank you. What do you want signing?’’. So I did it. I said what I wanted and Grant was really chatty! …………

1) Grace: What’s one of the coolest things you have done?

Grant: Took a private Jet home on a day off during a European tour with

2) What’s your favourite guitar?

Grant: My 1966 fender Jazz Master

3) Who are your favourite bands?

Radiohead,U2, Arcade Fire, The pixies ,The Police, Smashing Pumkins,yeah,yeah yeahs,sigur ros, Neil Young ,The Beatles ,Led Zep, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, The Foo’s Etc, Etc

4) What inspires your songwriting?

Grant: Life’s experiences and people

5)What are your favourite bands at the moment and what’s on your CD player?

Grant: 'Is it really that long," so many good bands around at the moment but I really like arcade fire, future heads, milo, kt tunstall and cherry Falls. Bloc party have some good songs also.

6)What’s the worst thing about being on tour the things you miss the most?

Grant: Being away from home, my daughter, and not having much time with friends and family.

7) What are your favourite bands/artists?

Grant: PJ Harvey, Billy corgan,U2 ,Air, The eels ,Neil young , Beck , Radiohead ,Dave Grohl,Butch vig etc etc

8) Anymore bands?

Grant: Neil Young.-prairie wind

9)What would you be if you weren’t a Musician what profession would you be in?

Not really sure, probably clothes design or something in the arts world, maybe a chief, who knows............. cheers g

10)My friends and family are telling me to send my Lyrics to you, what do you think of them. (I sent in two songs, that have been compared with Feeder and U2 double Yay! And wah hey here’s his answer)

Grant: Interesting lyrics, very story like optimistic, nice work.

(I think what Grant meant was Chef! Ha-ha mind you he is a star. I had to change this interview because he had all of it in capital letters aww so I had to change the letters. Not easy work this but it’s not work its escapism from reality? Thanks Grant you’re the coolest and thanks for answering through Feeder’s PR person Gillian Porter. No sour grapes here but I think I ask pretty damned good questions. He liked my Lyrics OMG!!

Cheers G number 2 me! Lol) PS Grammar spell checking on word really sucks) x

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