In The Box
In Conversation with
Deep City

Deep City are an Indie/Electronic/ Alternative Pop band hailing from Cambridgeshire. Inspired by post-rock trailblazers Radiohead to Everything Everything, pop pin-ups such as Prince to The 1975, and a new breed of synth-wave searchers including Jaws and Tory Y Moi; the four-piece channel their multifarious influences into a sound that is eclectic in style, atmospheric to the touch, and endlessly listenable.

Hungry are another young Cambridge band I have felt very lucky to work with. Their debut ep was a near perfect capture of the vulnerability, fragility but limitless articulate creative potential of teenage life. New single Usain, self recorded before lockdown at school, packs the melodic punch, pulsating rhythms and lyrical intensity you'd expect.

On Saturday both bands joined us for a chat about everything from their early work with R*E*P*E*A*T, lockdown life, most recent singles 'Joyride' and 'Usain', their future plans for world domination and that unstoppable feeling of being young and foolish and the twisting road that winds towards adulthood.

Here we replay In the Lockdown Box.

It will be Just Us. And You.


This was a free event but if anyone wants to contribute to Love Music Hate Racism, a cause both bands have supported, please do so here

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