The Darling Buds
15th August 2020

The Darling Buds epitomise much of what's great about pop music.

Influenced by the catchy melodic sound of the Ramones, the early Beatles as well as that of Blondie, the band made a name for themselves in the late 80s thanks to their melodic, hook-driven, short and very sweet singles. Later work showed them develop both their sound and their lyrics, and it was no surprise to see their 'one off' reunion blossom into a more permanent affair.

Back in the day when I was a student at York Uni, I used to drive minibuses full of fanzine kids to Leeds and Manchester to see The Darling Buds, so it was my absolute pleasure to be talking to them live on the R*E*P*E*A*T Facebook page on August 15th 2020.


This is a free event but donations to Love Music Hate Racism welcomed:
Also support for The Lydia Beynon Collective which raises funds for the homeless of Newport, Wales, and beyond, as discussed in the interview, would be appreciated.


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