Adventures of a Love Pirate: a Conversation with Caffy St Luce
June 13th 2020

Caffy St Luce is a force of nature.

A cultural colossus promoting new sounds, new ideas, new ways of thinking. From cultivating originality and diversity amongst the bands of South London to masterminding PR campaigns for the likes of Manic Street Preachers, Radiohead and Mansun, Caffy has done it all.

We talked to Caffy live on our Facebook page about her enthusiastic work inspiring new voices over many years, her time working with The Manics, her current cultural enthusiasms and her hopes for the future.

Bring your own Strongbow.



(REPEAT ironically had to be removed due to copyright claim from The Word)

While this was a free event, contributions to The Music Venues Trust appeal to help sustain live grassroots music is much appreciated.

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