Bowling for Soup interview
By Joey Eyebank, 8.2.07, Cambridge Corn Exchange

"Can someone please save us from punk rock 101?"

Bowling For Soup are four larger than life Texan pop-punksters.

But are they melodic spokespeople for the geeky misfit, or a middle class re-packaging of punk as a designer commodity?

Joey Eyebank Ramone went along to find out when they stopped off on in Cambridge on their UK tour.

"Same song, different chorus"?

Joey: So how's the tour been going so far?
Bowling for soup : Yeah its been going brilliant, we've only been on tour for 3 days now but every day has been a blast!

Joey: Do you think it's important that your music has stayed the same since you started, instead of bands like Blink 182 or Green Day who jumped on the "emo" bandwagon to sell more records?
Bowling for soup : To be honest we've never thought about following what's popular to sell more records, we just play the music that we play and stick to it.

Joey: Originally you were going to be called Bowling for Shit, could you explain why?
Bowling for soup - Bowling for Shit came from Steve Martin's "Wild and Crazy Guy" album. He claims to have written several of them entitled Bowling for Shit.

Joey: So what do you think of your new album compared to your previous ones?
Bowling for soup : I (Eric) personally think its one of the best albums we've done! We've worked really hard on it and we're very pleased with the result.

Joey: What do you think of your support bands "Wheatus", "Son of Dork" and "Army of Freshman"
Bowling for soup : Yeah they're all really nice people, Army of freshman we've known longer than the others and been on many tours with but we're new to others.
Joey : What about musically?
Bowling for soup : Yeah they all make good tunes and they're talented.

Joey : Who were your main influences for this album?
Bowling for soup : It's hard to say really, we listen to a broad range of types of music and none of them really sound like what we do in Bowling for Soup.

Joey : How's it different performing in England compared to the USA? Are you more well known here or there?
Bowling for soup : Well, we did become famous over here in England and I think USA caught up with us 1 or 2 years later, but we are generally more well known here. I think the difference between England and USA is that the fans seem to be more hardcore and determined over here, and they will do anything for the band that they love.

Joey : What do you listen to when hoovering?
Bowling for Soup : Billy Joel, The Millennium Concert

Joey: Lastly, Chips or cream buns?
Bowling for soup : What's a cream bun?
Joey : (laughs) it's like a cakey doughnut with cream in the middle and you usually get jam in them, you can get them at tearooms or bakeries.
Bowling for soup : well I've never tried one, so I'm going to have to say chips.

Thanks to tour manager Emma Watson and Warren of Chuff Media for organising this interview.