email interview with Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T, August 2021.

Boi's debut album has been a favourite here at R*E*P*E*A*T Towers since its release in June. As Louder Than War point out, it packs a pot pourri of infleunces, veering between sci-fi pub rock and brittle piano lead beauty, dirty fuzzed up glam and gentle ballad.

Let Focus Wales introduce Boi far better than I could:
'BOI create a big, melodic, unapologetically drum and guitar-driven sound with lyrics that explore the big issues of our times and the human state. Osian Gwynedd and Rhodri Siôn were members of Beganifs/Big Leaves for 15 years, gaining huge success in Wales during the 1990 and 2000s and performing throughout the UK and further afield with bands such as Catatonia and Super Furry Animals. Other members of new band BOI are also experienced musicians who have all either been in or are still in popular Welsh bands including Candelas and HMS Morris.'

Given all this, we thought it high time to talk to the bois...


* Boi - who, what and why?
Five piece band from Wales. Musicians with a load of different tastes and experience put in a pot to see what comes out. So far so good....

* Describe your sound to a hard of hearing alien.
Big, bold, melodic. Hard to define - as someone described us 'could be from any decade, but inspired by the best of them'.

* Who are your heroes / heroines - musical, artistic, sporting,
political, other...
Anyone who puts themselves out there really.

* You've all been active in bands previously, how has this helped /
hindered Boi?
The pandemic has been the hardest thing about getting the band going and sustaining the energy it takes to get something out there. We've only been able to get in one room once, and everyone knew the drill, so that was cool - working with pros.

* Your debut album Coron O Chwinc is very enjoyable, how did you manage
to record it over Lockdown?
Cheers, appreciate that. Yeah, welll quite a bit of it was done but everyone just recorded their parts. It was cool to see the different versions as the layers were added. Everyone brought something to the party, and then Daf Ieuan gave it his treatment.


* Have you been surprised / pleased with the reaction it's received?
It's felt a bit detached really, but its been great to have a positive response in reviews and stuff. It's always a gamble, but you've got to just feel happy that you gave it a shot, and proud of what you put out. You never know how it'll play out....for me, you let it go minute it's released in a way...

* There are a couple of other bands with a similar name. Has this lead
to any amusing misunderstandings? (ignore this question if not!)
Not that I know of. I know it has different connotations, and that ambiguity is part of what we liked about it. BOI's a term of endearment where we come from, like saying 'mate' or 'love', but with a bit of attitude. I say it a lot, Osh says it...kind of stuck.

* Apologies that this interview is in English; I quit Welsh aged 12 as my parents wanted me to learn Latin instead (strange choices at our school back then). What decisions do you regret? (FYI I am now trying to catch up on Duolingo)
It's cool that you're relearning Welsh. No regrets man, I'm not a nostalgic person...

* Do your past achievements hang heavy on you or is it easy to be new and fresh?
Refer to the answer given above ????

* In these scary times, can music make a difference?

Of course. Life without art would be shit.

* Would you consider playing in Swansea for us, and what would be on your ideal rider?
Open to offers....

Thanks to Boi for their time and Aled at Beast PR for sharing the joy.

Coron O Chwinc is out now in all the usual places.
Follow Boi here



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