Anti Social Burn-Outs
Interview with Captain B by Glen of Override Fanzine

They might look like they could have just stepped off Sunset Strip, but they don’t play no shitty hair metal. Influenced as much by the likes of Social Distortion and The Clash, as they are by Motley Crue and Backyard Babies, ANTI-SOCIAL BURN-OUTS play a raw, metal infused, punk ‘n’ roll.

Lucy: Your band have been quite quiet for the last few months. Are you looking forward to playing gigs again?
Katie Jane Garside: I think I give very obtuse ans

Hi Capt.,how did you guys get together?
The band started in about 06 - We all found each other through friends of friends, Basically, we got pretty trashed down the pub and ended up deciding to start a band. Had a couple practices and it all came together really - luckily we all got on as well as any bunch of young lads with different ideas can!!

Where did the name come from?
Mr Pixx (Bass) I believe came up with the name, not realising it spelt A.S.B.O for short. I dunno how his mind works but it sounds cool, so happy days.

You've gigged with quite a few big name bands, got any good stories?
Yeah we've been lucky enough to play with some big names, Send More Paramedics, Inme, Total Chaos to mention a few. We played with the dreadful Towers of London at the Cambridge Junction. After we blew them out of the water, the lead singer started a fight with our roadie, soon realising what happens when 40 pissed and buzzing Burn-Outs fans come together. That was pretty fun and gave us a funny review, not seen them since, hear there doing pretty shit though.

You've not got a label yet, how are you getting your music out there?
We're basically doing the same as most underground bands, playing as much as we can and promoting new material through Myspace, iTunes and pretty much any free media possible. Its fucking tough for bands like us. If you aint willing to play to four people and ya mum half way across the country you might as well quit, we love to play and will carry on until some lucky Label gives us a break. Its all Rock and Roll so we'll always do this for fun as well as try and make something more from it.
'Hold Fast' is a cracking tune, what's it about?
The song is basically about trying so hard to get something but getting no where, never giving up and anyone who tries to get in your way should Staydown cause we'll always Holdfast and stay strong. It’s about self belief and fighting for what you believe in.

So what bands are you guys into?
Everyone in the band has different tastes, I mean we all like a bit of 80s Metal, Motley Crue, LA guns, then you got bands like Hardcore Superstar, Backyard Babies, moving onto more old skool punk like The Clash and The Pistols. I know one half there’s more Rock and Roll and one half more Hardcore punk, but every week we hear new bands and are influenced by new things.

You've got a very strong image as a band, is that something that's important to you?
We think that image is important when your in a band, i don’t wanna go see a band and there all wearing the same shit they wear on a lazy Sunday. I wanna see some effort and thought into their image and performance onstage. We're all in the band as a gang, crew or whatever, so we wanna look like a fucking band, gang, crew. you know?! Plus it can be a laugh when people don’t expect it. Bringing back a little bit show time to the dingy pubs and clubs.

What does the future hold for the Anti-Social Burnouts?
Well, we're currently writing new material and looking to hit some towns, possible tour coming up later in the year or early next year. Gonna keep playing crazy shows and making crazy fans, and who k now’s what the future might hold but we know its gonna be fun getting there.
Drinking, rehab, to much fast food and more wasted tattoos.

How can people get a copy of your demo?

The best way to get your hands on a new or old CD is to come to the shows message us on Myspace or try downloading some off iTunes. New E.P will be available early next year. Join our Myspace and you'll not be disappointed. If ya are tough shit, ha ha.

Text by Glen

First printed in Override fanzine, used with permission

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