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Acid Tongue
e-mail interview with Guy Keltner by Della Richardson, November 2016

Acid Tongue is an American-bred garage band heavily influenced by AM-radio soul, folk and psychedelic rock. The band is composed of the four Manson Brothers, perverted in their youth by adolescent exposure to mind-altering substances and strange, spiritually-driven parenting techniques.

After years of extensive traveling throughout the United States, as well as some experimental therapy in a Mexican yurt, the boys have united to produce their take on the music of their parents' generation. Incorporating imagery of the afterlife, dream-states and drifter-culture, Acid Tongue seeks to enlighten listeners to their swingin, contemplative lifestyle.

"Like King Gizzard on a whole bunch of Ritalin, there’s a wooziness to Acid Tongue’s psych oddity that quells the madness. It’s no less otherwordly for it, though, Charlie Manson [is] dealing in a cross-eyed, surfy garage rock that’s as catchy as it is kooky."

On the eve of Acid Tongue's return to the UK, Della decided it was time to ask them about their beautiful disaster.


· Acid Tongue - who, what and why?

I'd describe Acid Tongue as a collective. Each EP we've put out has had a slightly different lineup, which is intentional. As the primary songwriter, I move around a lot and do a lot of traveling and performing. Because of this, I've made some close bonds with musicians from all over the US and UK. I've tried to keep the general vibe of our sound fairly consistent, but the studios and lineup change, so things stay fresh and really in the moment with each song.

· Describe your sound to a deaf alien.

A lot of the tunes I write are inspired by classic soul and motown songs. I'm very much a fan of Northern Soul and R&B from the late 50s and early 60s. I'm heavily influenced by all of that, and then I filter it through whatever lens is in the mix for me at the moment. Sometimes I'm in that depressed, shoe-gaze/90s rock mood, lot's of Slow Dive and Nothing and the Stone Roses. Other days it's classic garage-angst and a party vibe.

· From your sale of ‘kick him in the dick’ anti-trump T-shirts, which are awesome btw, it's clear that you are not his biggest fan, but because you are anti- Trump does this mean you are pro- Clinton? [What did you think of Sanders? my brother went to his Seattle rally - nosey Editor)

We definitely would have voted for Sanders if he was the nomination. But at this point we'd be stupid to vote third party. So Hillary needs support, but so what? Everyone needs to wake up and realize their civic duty. Get off your phones and your instagram and your netflix and start fixing things at the civic level. Get your kids in volunteer programs and start them early, make sure you're voting in local elections, etc. All the stuff that people bitch about on social media - they have a hand in it by not taking any action.

· Coming from someone who is obsessed with graphic design, your album artwork and merchandise is something else, what was the inspiration behind it?

We really love classic comic books, 80's skate culture and psychedelia. My drummer and business partner Ian is the main brain behind all of that design. He tries to get a solid mix between the fun, gross and the childish.

· A lot of your music videos include a satanic inspiration throughout them, from 666 acid vision of the devil, to pentacles famously representing witchcraft. Why is this such a strong theme through your videos?

Because this is rock and roll.

· Is this your second time in the UK? Did you enjoy it last time and are there things you would like to do you didn’t get to do last time??

We've had nothing but great experiences in the UK. I cut the Beautiful Disaster EP in London while on tour with my old band, Fox and The Law, last year. I think this time around a lot more people know who we are, which is great. We've had a killer response out there.

· Are there any British bands that have influenced you? What current British bands if you had the chance, would you love to play alongside??

Huge Bowie fan. Probably one of my biggest influences. I mentioned the Stone Roses earlier, but I'm also just a Brit-pop fan in general. And then there's Radiohead. I'm on that side of the fence that will defend them to the death, I've always got at least one record on rotation in my phone.

· Through research online I’ve read you’ve had a somewhat unusual upbringing, would you say this has influenced your music a lot and why? And was there any music your parents played while growing up that really made u sit up and listen??

Man, all I can say is that there were some really fucked up moments for all of us growing up. And yes, it sticks with you for life.

· Coming to England early this year you were in time for the chaos of Brexit, do you give a shit about any of it?

You guys had Brexit, we had Donald Trump. Let's hope he's not in the White House when you're reading this.

· In other interviews your style of music has been described as ‘wonky pop’, ‘rock’ and ‘indie’, as a listener I would describe you to a friend as ‘R&B soul meets rock with a raw psychedelic edge’.Do you agree with this? If not how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you before?

Those are all great descriptions of what we do.

· When you die, what would each of you like on your headstone?

He lived.

- What's best, chips (ie fries) or cream buns (pastries) [don't be offended, we ask everyone this!]


- How can people hear your music?
Spotify, iTunes, the whole lot!


Thanks to Guy for his time and help

Acid Tongue tour the UK this December and play the Blue Moon in Cambridge on December 1st


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