Silver Sun
e-mail interview, November 2005

Back in 1996, Silver Sun wowed us with their welter of Firebird and surfcaster guitar tamed only by desperate harmonies. The release of new single ‘Immediate’ gave Rosey a chance to go on and on about the old days with James Broad, and also to look to the future.

Silver Sun - who, what and why?
Me, and three other guys, a band, no reason - I just like doing things like that

The first time we talked to you was in Bedford 1996 - you can see the interview on the archive pages of our website. What things have changed for you since then, and what have stayed the same?
My hair has gone from mauve to pale azure and the world has become both safer and more dangerous. I have also discovered a cure for pathos.

For anyone not around in '96, can you describe your sound to a Babyshambles loving deaf alien who's just jetted in from Neptune?
Like sticking your head into the engine of Rossi's GP bike whilst simulaneously being given the greatest bumming of your life

The last time I saw you was at a tiny, secret, packed'n'sweaty gig at The Portland Arms in Cambridge as you prepared to jet off to America. What's been going on with the band since then?
We have released a new album, had children, got married, bought houses, recorded part of a new album, ridden motorbikes - the usual stuff

What can you tell us about new single 'Immediate'?
I can only tell you what I know so far - and that is that I recorded and produced it and it really is a stunner!

Were you pleased with the reaction to Disappear Here and what's the story behind its apparent imminent re-release?
I'm very pleased as people liked it - and that's all you can ask for. We are re-releasing it as that's what you do these days..

You say that you want to release an album every three quarters of a year for the next 30 years, without the attendent 'boy band' level of hype and public visibility. Do you see yourselves as becoming more of a studio band or are you itching to get playing live again?
I don't mind playing live but I'd like to be able to walk off stage, have a glass of wine & go home - but that's not always possible. It's the logistics I object to. I'm too impatient. That said - it is really good fun. I've always been happier writing but we've had a few laughs out on the road that's for sure.

What do you wish you'd known about the 'music industry' back in 1996?
I still know very little.

Are you still in love with Surfcasters and Firebirds?
I'm in love with electric guitars whatever they are. Paul hasn't played a Surfcaster for a while now really - he tends to favour Fender Jazzmasters. My firebird hasn't recovered from the tour overload of 1997-8, it's out of action. Anyone out there who has a spare Orville Les Paul - I want one of those..

What do you listen to when hoovering?
We have a cleaner. When she is hoovering I get out...

What's the best new band you've heard in 2005?
I quite like the Paddingtons - I know more of their songs than that Libertine geezer. I've got quite into Miles Davis - but that's not really new I guess.

Any advice for new up and coming bands?
Wear a condom

And, 9 years on, what's best, chips or cream buns?
I don't like anything milky so a nice portion of soggy chip shop chips is far preferable

Thankyou very much.
No, thank you

Read our 1996 interview with Silver Sun on our archives pages here

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