Rhys Wilton

Interview by Bones

A little over two years ago I reviewed the debut offering by Cardiff based punk upstarts NOT SINCE THE ACCIDENT. Since then things seemed to have progressed nicely for the band, who are shortly to release their follow up CD "Sinkholes". It therefore seemed an opportune moment to catch up with lead singer RHYS WILTON concerning the progress of the band, tours of the USA and Rhys' recent trip to A&E.

How's life treating you at the moment Rhys?
First of all I want to say cheers to you Bones for giving us this opportunity to be interviewed for R*E*P*E*A*T. I'm sitting here writing this with my leg elevated in a cast, a bit high on prescription drugs and in some pain. (More about that later).

When we spoke last the band had just released your debut album "Paved With Gold". It seemed well received and things appear to have gone from strength to strength for the band. I know you've undertaken support slots with such punk stalwarts as GBH, UK Subs and The Members and been on a tour of east coast USA. What was that like and any stories that you are able to share about your time over the pond?
So many good things have been happening for the band since we recorded our first EP - Paved with Gold, including the East coast tour of America we did with A Minor Revolution, which was just some of the best times we've ever had as a band.  We met some cool people, made some great friends and played some cracking shows with some sick bands like The Down and Outs, OC45, The Union Boys and so many others I'd like to mention but the list would be too long!

We recently just had a few gigs with a friend of ours we met in America, Jessie Mosher.  He's a performance painter from New York who put us on in the club he was running called Do You Wanna Dance in Brooklyn.  Jessie paints all the punk icons like the Ramones and GG Allin, but he's kind of unique in that he paints when the bands are playing and jumps around and really puts on a great performance.  The guy has so much talent and energy it’s unreal.  So we were stoked to jump on a couple of the UK dates of the European tour he's doing.  We also had time to shoot a video with him for our song Cold Waves off the new album which will be released very soon.  (Follow us on Facebook to find out that sort of thing).

I believe you've had a slight change of line up with original your bass player being replaced.

There's been a line-up change, our bass player and good friend Boris is no longer playing with us. Fortunately we managed to get a quick replacement, Iain who was in Steve’s old band The Melophobes as our new bass slave.

I know that you've just finished in the studio recording your second album. How did things go and can we expect any radical change of sound on the new tracks?

At the moment we've been gigging a lot and have just finished recording our new album "Sinkholes".  We had loads of fun writing the new stuff for the album.  Its seems to have a darker edge than Paved with Gold our last EP. It's still got the same energy and style well stamped all over it though so we haven't changed our sound or anything like that. 

When do you envisage the CD being out and will there be any gigs/tour to support it?

We haven’t got a release date yet, we are still waiting to finalise artwork and a few other things.  Hopefully this one’s gonna be put out on CD and vinyl.  We will be releasing a date and venue for our release show, which, if it’s anything like the Paved with Gold release show, its gonna go off, so don’t miss it!

The band have got some gigs lined up this summer too; we are playing Slugfest and Surplus Fest again this year which we are really looking forward too.  And we got The Hook Up chopper show in August which looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun

So what's the story behind the broken leg?
Our last gig was at the Red Sun Festival in the Cardiff's Moon Club a couple of weeks ago.  The festival was a great success featuring only 'heavy bands' in 3 venues in Cardiff.  We played on the Sunday and during the last song I got picked up by the crowd and was doing a bit of crowd surfing.  Everything was going fine, then I came down, I landed on my feet but unfortunately quite badly!  I broke my ankle in two places, I broke my shin, dislocated my ankle and snapped the ligament.  They said in the hospital I couldn’t have done it any worse than that.  Anyway I sat my ass on the stage and finished the song!  I've had surgery and gonna be out of action for a couple of months so we've had to cancel some gigs, but hopefully I'll make a quick recovery and we'll be back for Slug Fest.

Ouch! Here's hoping that all goes smoothly in the future with the new release and up coming festivals Rhys, and break a leg. Oh, I forgot you already have!