Online interview with members of
Miss Black America
on the occasion of the release of their Peel Sessions


"All We Want To Change Is Everything".

Don't Speak My Mind - An Evening with Miss Black America

“Your new favourite band… we need Miss Black America” – NME, 2002

“The greatest voice-to-the-voiceless punks around” – Rock Sound, 2005.

Since a teenage Seymour Quigley (guitar, vocals) pressed a cassette into the hands of Rosey at a Cambridge gig two decades ago, Miss Black America and R*E*P*E*A*T have been close allies. Not just musically, but aesthetically, politically and socially, they have inspired each other, and continue to do so.

Rediscovery of the band's BBC Radio Sessions has reminded us all what a great band Miss Black America actually were. Original, articulate, frenzied, driven. And with great tunes.

Join us for over an hour of discussion and music with members of the original MBA line-up (1999-2002) about the band and the Bury St Edmunds 'Axis Of Rock', looking both forwards and back.


While this was a free event, donations welcomed to The Hunter Club, the Bury St Edmunds Venue where Seymour and others hold the incredible Washing Machine live music nights, encouraging a new generations of new favourite bands...

I meant to edit this video to make myself look slightly less incompetent, but then decided in the interests of historical accuracy to leave it as it was...

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