Gold Blade return to play Cambridge Junction with New Model Army on December 15th, more details here
Gold Blade
E-mail interview with John Robb, 30.9.04

Gold Blade spent the mid-nineties trailblazing the rock'n'roll swagger that's crossed into mainstream, playing over 200 gigs a year taking rock'n'roll to the people…and the people got it!

And now, Gold Blade return, at last! Recent gigs have been wild, with teen moshpits combining with older fans in glorious mayhem. All over the UK people have been celebrating rock'n'roll thrills as they witness the mighty, mighty Gold Blade live on stage…

Goldblade - who, what and why?
Gold Blade are here to be punk rock. We represent the action time vision of punk rock, we are about the high adrenaline and the punk political, we celebrate our culture and we celebrate life, we have been in existence for 8 years and we are not playing by anyone else's rules, we are anti fashion- seeing fashion as the elixir of capitalism, we are not concerned about mid week chart postions but we are not scared of the mainstream, we believe in the power of rock n roll and will defend it to the hilt, we want to make a loud and colourful racket in the face of the dull corporate chain bar of UK culture and we like to play all over the world!

Describe your sound to a braindead President.
I am John Robb and I am here to take your job. Move over!

What do you listen to when hoovering?
Today I've listened to Tom Waits new album, Beerzone, Tiger Army, Horrorpops, Ravi Shanker, Buzzcocks, TRex, Dead 60s, and Gold Blade's new got to get up early to keep up with me!

What makes for a perfect punk icon?

Energy, action, commitment, belief, great shoes, that glint in the eye, a loud guitar helps as well!

Do you get a bigger rush and sense of satisfaction from gigging, writing or doing TV work?
Live is the best, addictive, totally addictive. I'm still;l buzzing from stadium gigs in Russia and Prague this year!

Johnny Ramone - hero or villain?
A musical hero - a political villain- but at least he was honest...and I love The Ramones so much I can forgive them anything! And Johnny was so damn cool with his Mosrite cranked up!

How important is youth /age in rock'n'roll?
Important if you're young, then you realise that rock n roll belongs to everybody...Punk rocks strength in 2004 is the way it sprawls across generations...its a people's music...I want to play music to people who get it...I don't care what age or any other factor about them is ...creating age divisions is another trick of capitalism, another sleight of fashion, another marketing tool...fuck 'em! I'm proud to be old! I've seen everything! I want to see the old bands and I want to check out all the new bands...

What can the great Cambridge public expect at your Cambridge gig?
High energy, very high energy adrenalised punk rock show, pretty intense but also good fun... Rock n roll should make you think and feel and have a good time...I guess it will be the opposite of a Coldplay gig!

What's best, chips or cream buns?
I eat none of them! They are all baby food