Funeral For A Friend

Funeral For A Friend Cambridge Junction Interview with Matt Davies


"So in the end, it was time for heroes after all. But the normal, showy, druggy kind of heroes - we've found to our peril - can land your dreams and aspirations banged up at the wrong end of a crack pipe for six months. Funeral For A Friend have managed to create something amazing and impressive that you know you could almost do yourself. There go our heroes, they're ordinary."

(NME Album review)

* Some one young and enthusiastic was meant to be doing this, but they couldn't make it so you've got me instead, sorry …
- Not to worry, you'll have education and wisdom instead...
* Funeral For A Friend - who, what and why?
- Funeral For A Friend is myself, Matt Davies, vocals and the occasional scream, Kris Roberts - guitar, Gareth Davies on bass and backing vocals, Darran Smith on guitar and Ryan Richards on drums and aggresive vocals. We've been together about 16 months, and as to the why, well I suggested the name from a song…
* By Elton John?
- No, not by him, though lots of people make that mistake!
* With the name and the art work, are you deliberately trying to distance yourselves from all those punk-pop bands, especially from America, who all seem to sound rather similar? Are you trying to add a Gothic edge?
- Not really, it was just a name I thought sounded really cool. All the art work is done by our designer called Barny Bewick at this company called Indium Design he came up with the concept for all the singles and album artwork, he's done a lot of great stuff for bands in the past.

* So what is it that separates you from this rash of punk bands like Good Charlotte, who you said recently that you don't have a lot of time for?
- We're a mixture of rock, pop, punk, a bit of hardcore. We never had any intentions of being rock stars, we're just 5 honest working class musicians who are into it for enjoyment first and foremost, whereas they seem to be following a formula for success…
· Yet it's happened pretty quickly for you as you've only been going 18th months and here you are, you've sold out The Junction, you're going on tour with Iron Maiden.
- Yes it has been quick, and now we get to do what we've always wanted like go to all these places and meet all these interesting people. We got signed quickly due to the single we put out with the people at our first recording studio, and Infectious have spent a lot of money on us and put a lot of faith in us. Yet we don't feel we've changed as 5 individuals.
· * Who would you relegate to room punk rock 101?
- So many things, but it's hard cos I don't want to be nasty … Someone like Sum 41.

* What do you value more, your Kerrang! Awards or your chart position?
- The fact that I'm still alive I suppose! And the fact that we stuck with this for all the right reasons, not because we were focussing on success or awards.

* What drove you to day time TV?
- Being ill, bunking off school, watching Kilroy and stuff like that, it has a certain charm.

* In school holidays I watch Doctors and Crap in the Attic, what about you?
- Quincey is an amazing programme, Murder She Wrote, Ironside, Kilroy, stuff like that.

· * Tell us about your recording sessions in a haunted studio.
Yes, there was this studio we were in where strange things happened like the volume kept being changed on the stereo and a can of Lilt in the fridge turned to ice and other unusual stuff which shook us up a bit, we hoped no one was watching us in the bathroom!

* What do you listen to when hovering?
- I don't hoover.
* Well in the shower then?
Myself singing badly! And then a bit of hardcore, or anything that takes my fancy.

· * Are you looking forward to supporting Iron Maiden?
- I think it's going to be a challenge, our biggest challenge to date. We have debated it, we have plenty of feedback from our fans, some don't like it cos we're a pop band, but Iron Maiden have had far more chart success than we've had, and it'll be an experience…
* It's nice to be asked too isn't it, especially by the band themselves not through a record company stitch up.
- Yes, it's an honour to be chosen!

* Here's a local question - Swans or Bluebirds?
- Swansea or Cardiff? Neither as I don't like football.

* Very diplomatic. What about chips or cream buns?
- Depends on the day really, sometimes chips, sometimes cream buns!

· * Another diplomatic side step. Thanks very much.
- You're more than welcome sir.

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Thanks also to Ian Cheek for fixing the interview up.