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Signed UK Channel Boredom flexi

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"UK Channel Boredom" is a song by the rock band Manic Street Preachers that appeared as the second song on a 7" flexi-disc given away free with the March 1990 editions of two fanzines, Hopelessly Devoted and Goldmining. The first song on the disc was "I Wonder What the Trouble Is" by North West indie band The Laurens (Craig Latham/Tim Nixon/Jon Clarkson/Dan Connolly/Paul Deakin). Initially, 1000 copies were made though it is generally agreed it was later re-pressed or bootlegged.[1] It is not an actual single, as it is non chart-eligible. Recorded for £25, the song takes its title from the (as yet unsigned) band's first press release, written by Richey Edwards: "...We are the only young kids in UK Channel Boredom to realise the future is in tight trousers, dyed hair and NOT the baggy loose attitude of scum fuck retard zerodom of Madchester". The song later reappeared in a re-recorded form as "A Vision of Dead Desire", a before-side to the single "You Love Us", which reached #16 in 1992.

"This record is not to be sold to anyone who was 10 or more in 1977, I've seen pictures of you lot - embarrassing!"