A Winter Festival of Noise
December 22nd and 23rd, Man on the Moon, Cambridge

Pix by Kate and Rosey

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Thanks to everyone who came to our 6 gigs over Christmas; in all we put on 23 bands, entertained several hundred punters and gave out 63 million sweets and almost as many badges. Also, The Moon gigs raised £160 for War Child and Love Music Hate Racism.


Here's a message we got from War Child


"Huge thanks form War Child to Repeat and everyone who went to the Winter Festival of Noise for raising £80 to aid our work with children in warzones around the world. War Child works with the children, including street children, child soldiers and child prisoners in countries including Iraq, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thank you for helping us to continue our work."


The Saffs
- their final ever EVER gig?
"Apart from The Manics, the only band I've ever really wished I was in..."

The Saffs

photo by ryan mitson

The Volunteers
photo by ryan mitson

Crowd at The Volunteers / Impact gig
photo by ryan mitson


Open Mouth





9 Fold Punch