Here's some pix of gigs and stuff that haven't made it anywhere else onto the website. As ever, feel free to send us any you think are good and maybe we'll stick 'em up. Or maybe we won't.

(If we're infringing anyone's copyright we're truly sorry but it is big flattery and no one could get a printable copy out of what we got and grovel grovel)

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'Puntuality is the virtue of the bored...'

A joint single launch party for Johnny Panic's The Rebel


Birthday Party for Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T

Legends Bar, Cambridge City FC, 25.7.08

Pix by Rosey, Steff, Jo and Ainsley


Guy and Rhods


Jordan Hacan Ramone






Steffan of Feedback shows Matt Panic how to get the best out of his new guitar...

AC Mars

Johnny Panic


The (other) belated birthday boy...

The Hope


The Shills
  The Shill's shoes!    

The Shills

  Johnny Panic London Water Rats, 26.7.08

Johnny Panic Set List, Cambridge 25.7.08