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BACK ISSUES : £2 each
Due to the high costs of reprinting small quantities of fanzines, all back issues now cost 2.00 & A4 45p SAE.

Postage for 2 issues is 75p, for 3 is £1.25 and for 4 will cost £1.45. No.s 6 & 9 require 73p postage to pay for the singles.
Please give alternatives.

As ever, PO Box 438, Cambridge, CB4 1FX


Reprints available:

Manics, Honeycrack, Salad, Wannadies, Northern Uproar,Wildhearts the first ever Freeboy interview in the world etc.

includes a free 7" single
(Freeboy/Stripey/Autumn Stone/Eden Park, so please send 64p SAE) plus Manics, Ash, 60 Ft Dolls, Garbage, Mansun, Marion, Whipping Boy, 3
Colours Red, Bis , 3 Colours Red etc.

Manics plus Divine Comedy, Gorky's, Kenickie, Posh, Swansea City, Super Furry Animals, Sultans, Tiger etc.

Manics, Billy Bragg, Dweeb, Mark Radcliffe, 3 Colours Red, lots more and a free badge!

including free very limited single ( Ex Boyfriends /Saffs/ Hinton / The Friday's) plus Manics, Disco Pistol, Dub War, Jaguar, Period Pains, Stereophonics, The Wannadies, The Wildhearts, Urusei Yatsura etc.

Manics, A, Bunnymen, Stereophonics, Symposium, Teenage Fanclub, Warm Jets etc
#11 Manics, Asian Dub Foundation, Catatonia, Cornershop, Crocketts, Freeboy, Foxy Ramone etc.
#12 Manics, Alabama 3, Damaged Goods, Gorky's, Hofman, Terrorvision, Tom Robinson, etc.
#13 Manics, 3 Colours Red, Asian Dub Foundation, Ruby Cruiser, Llama Farmers, Ruby Cruiser, Samurai Seven, The Secret Hairdresser, Vibrations Records etc.

Manics, Alcopop, Angelica, Fog Donkey, Muse, Spraydog, Twinkie, The Yo-Yos, Whispering Bob and More

Manics, Liberty 37, The Crocketts, Saloon, Nojahoda, Robyn
Hitchcock, Pigfish, Seed, Cay, Feeder, Alan Parker, Vyvyan, Bluetip, The Gentleman Jim, Ruby Cruiser, Sunlounger, Stereolab, Travis,
Stereophonics, Rachel Stamp, Mr Death and more.

Manics, Idlewild, Saffs, Chumbawamba, Snuff, Dandy Warhols, Six By Seven, Sugarcoma, King Prawn, Kirsty MacColl etc - 92 pages!!

Manics, Mark Steel, Kirsty MacColl, Feeder, Spraydog, Joey Ramone,
Wilt, I Am Kloot, Crashland, Samurai Seven, The Levellers, Ash, Chris
T-T, Steven Wells etc - 92 pages as well!
* We have a limited edition of 100 (less than 10 left!) copies of the 'best' of # 1-4 featuring mostly Manics but also S*M*A*S*H, 60Ft Dolls, Gorkys, Garbage etc.

Returns to our roots as a Manic Street Preachers inspired fanzine - the zine may no longer be entirely dedicated to the fatty Welsh ones but it's their attitude that inspires us: honesty, anger, energy, intelligence, bile, politics, chaos, opinions, cut'n'paste chaos : "a complete train wreck of a zine" (Organ). Plus exclusive reviews and interviews with Miss Black America, Knife in The Water, Right Turn Clyde, The Broken Family Band, Ash, Ride, The Virgin Suicides, Mike Patton, One Minute Silence, Neo, ...The TRial of the Dead, Blue Gandhi, CRS*, The Dawn Parade, H Block 101, The Duvals, The Electric Soft Parade, Kid Galahad and of course The Manics. 104 pages!


Overseas readers please send 6 IRCs (no money needed) per copy (Europe), 8 for USA, Canada, India etc and 10 from Japan, Australia, New Zealand etc.