Repeat Records MBRR119 (CD) (49m17s) 2005:
MBA are a punk rock pop band from Bury St Edmunds who originally formed in 1999 and after an album & several singles came out in 2005 with this
their 2nd album. It takes off with the brief gentle opener 'Terminal One' before bursting into the highly excellent 'Dot Dot Dot' (perhaps
album highlight). The main point which grabs is Seymour Glass's lead vocal style (sounds uncannily or incredibly like that of Perth's Eskimo
Joe which is meant as a compliment). 3rd track is another just as excellent number in 'Drowning By Numbers' by way of some blistering lead
guitar over Seymour's original style lead vocal. The voyage then dips a little coming back up for air with 7th track the ace 'Reborn' which is
quite brilliant.

As we continue onwards (to the 13th and final track) then it is both 'Emotional Junkmail' & 'Chemical' which stand out. OK there is a slight musical sameness with a couple of filler tracks but otherwise when MBA are at their best then they are just as good as anyone around. (8½)

Ron Cooper, Zabadak

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